Yes it’s a hell of a summer … Unless you run an indoor gym or an adventure park

If you feel like the summer has been awful from a weather standpoint, you’re not just a cranky New Englishman – and you can’t imagine it. The National Weather Service says we’ve had more heatwave days and more rainy and gray days than we should.

“June was much warmer than normal. The average temperature was 6.3 degrees above normal, ”said Alan Dunham of the National Weather Service. “June was also drier than usual. And then we moved on to July and pretty much spilled everything. Currently, July has averaged 2.6 degrees below normal and precipitation is well above normal. “

Good days at the beach were hard to find.

That’s why, if you’re running an indoor gym or an adventure park, you’re smiling right now.

“We’re doing about 40% better than the dry, cooler days where the kids tend to be a lot more outdoors, which has definitely had a positive impact on us in terms of business,” said Shelle Edge. , Ninja Program Coordinator at Strive Ninja Fitness in Franklin.

Edge said this summer has been the best of both worlds for the company. When it is very hot, like in June, the children go in for the air conditioning. And when it’s cool and humid, like now, she said people come to stay dry and exercise.

The gymnasium offers day programs for children during the summer and encourages families to register early. But Edge said when the weather is going to be bad – whether it’s really hot or humid and rainy – they know they’ll have to add staff to handle the kids who come by for the day.

“We definitely keep an eye on the weather,” she said. “Especially with a summer like this… it put us in a pattern like, ‘Okay, let’s look at next week because the heat is still there, or the rain is still there and the storms are still there. and so we are targeting those days with additional staff.

“I do a rain dance every day,” joked Andy Powell, who runs the Urban Air Adventure Park indoor trampoline park in Bellingham. Powell said he doesn’t see many bumps from the hot weather, but the rain is another story.

“They came, and it was awesome,” Powell said of the past few weeks. “I’m not unhappy when it rains.

As COVID-19 restrictions came to an end, Powell said he and his partner weren’t sure what to expect, making it difficult to plan days for summer camps that typically spend time in his house. establishment. And he was nervous.

“We have to develop our summer activities on groups, camps and that sort of thing,” he said. “And when that wasn’t going to happen, I was like, ‘Okay, it’s gonna be a tough summer.’ But it rained a lot and it kept us going, which I didn’t necessarily expect to happen.

If the weather forecast turns out to be correct, Urban Air could continue to do well until August.

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