Woman struggles to leave Fitness First Mermaid Water, Gold Coast, gym

Woman sends furious email to Fitness First complaining about anti-vaxxer members and creepy men after refusing to cancel her membership because she couldn’t afford it anymore

  • A frustrated woman has shared the scathing email she wrote to her local gym
  • Ellie Waddingham said she previously tried unsuccessfully to quit Fitness First
  • Unvaccinated customers and unwanted male attention made her feel unwelcome
  • Added that she shouldn’t be expected to honor a contract she signed when she was underage

A frustrated customer has shared the scathing email she wrote to her gym in a last-ditch effort to cancel her membership.

Ellie Waddingham, 18, shared a video in which she read the email she wrote to her Fitness First gym in Mermaid Waters on the Gold Coast.

She said she tried to quit the gym before, but her cancellation was rejected.

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Ellie Waddingham, 18, shared a video on Monday where she read the email she wrote to her Fitness First gym

“Never sign a lockout contract in a gym,” she warned viewers.

“I can’t afford to go to the gym anymore and they don’t think that’s a good enough reason (to leave).”

Ms Waddingham read the email she sent to gym customer service, starting by apologizing for the bluntness of her message.

“I apologize in advance for the tone of this email and to anyone who will have to deal with me because I am honestly at my wits end with this company,” she read.

She then discussed the behavior of unvaccinated gym patrons and how she was “disgusted” by their opinions.

“Today I heard a number of members loudly voice their anti-vax views in the gym, frankly, I was grossly disgusted,” she said.

“At times like these, I don’t want to be part of an organization that encourages those kinds of beliefs by not requiring vaccination certificates.”

Ms Waddingham went on to explain how some male clients added to her feeling of insecurity in the gym.

“Being a woman in the gym, of course, I expect unwanted attention, but it’s gotten to the point where I no longer feel welcome in the space,” she said.

“I’ve seen men call me, look at me and laugh at me, and invade my personal space to the point that I have to stop halfway through until they get out of my way. “

She then explained that her financial situation was “living paycheck to paycheck” and that she could no longer afford her membership.

Ms Waddingham said several incidents led her to

Ms Waddingham said several incidents had caused her to ‘no longer feel welcome in space’ and noted that she had signed her contract as a minor.

“I work three jobs just to be able to afford to live and study and that’s a financial commitment I really can’t afford,” she said.

“I can barely afford to pay my rent let alone for this membership.”

Ms Waddingham concluded her email by saying she should not be held to a contract she signed as a minor.

“I look forward to your response and hopefully we can come to some sort of resolution, as I know it’s notoriously hard to walk away from Fitness First,” she said.

“Even when the contracts I signed are borderline illegal, because I signed them as a minor.”

Several viewers supported Ms Waddingham in the comments and some said they were in a similar situation themselves.

‘Please, please update me – I’m in the same boat (with) my gym. Staff don’t wear a mask, mistake my gender, I moved out at 1 a.m. won’t let me go,’ one user wrote.

However, not everyone was on her side and said she shouldn’t have signed a contract she couldn’t keep.

“His fault for signing it,” one person said.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Fitness First for a statement.

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