Wife Shares Booty Transformation After Ex Says She Has ‘No Ass’

A woman who revealed her ex-boyfriend told her she had “no ass” had the final say after sharing her dramatic transformation.

A woman had the last word in the face of a toxic ex who once taunted her for having “no ass”.

After undergoing a body transformation, the US-based woman showed off the results of her hard work, sharing her fit physique on social media.

TikTok user @layyzerr shared her “real story” alongside a series of before and after photos where she revealed that a former flame once said, “You don’t have an ass.”

In a front photo, the woman – from Ukraine – can be seen posing next to her ex, whose identity has been withheld.

The cruel remark on his body was then published in the photo.

However, the photos then turn into a video of her now wearing tight sports shorts and a bra that shows the changes in her body.

In the video, she looks totally different, her muscles defined in full screen.

Despite the incredible progress @layyzerr has made, many men were quick to leave nasty comments on his viral video, which has seen over 12 million views since it was shared last month.

Many women were quick to defend @Layyzerr, with just one writing:

“The girl doesn’t even bother to answer these enemies. You are very beautiful.”

Another wrote: “Girl progress in THERE!” These people are just jealous and are always looking to put people down! Keep working hard bbg ”.

While a third added, “Don’t worry about your lame ex or those commentators (SIC) keep working hard, you look fantastic!”

Thankfully, @layyzerr didn’t let the wicked jibing bring her down, responding to some commenters with videos of her working out in the gym and lifting heavy weights.

She also responded in a video saying that she takes pride in her work, saying she does not base her “victory” on her “outward appearance”.

“Going from being extremely depressed and thinking I’m a piece of shit to now being able to look in the mirror and post on social media and think, ‘Hey, you’re worth something,’ ‘you’re worthy of it.’

In a series of other videos, the gym-goer has also shown off her impressive leg gains, revealing that she is “quad-dominant” and that is the area in which she has improved the most.

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