Weight loss and mental health: 7 steps to help you “lose weight and start living again”

Secret 4: Keep your mind pumped

“The way you look at things will affect your mood,” Steve commented. “Often the problem is not the problem; the problem is how we look at the problem, and that is what causes the problem. It is therefore important to keep your mind as focused as possible on a reasonable basis. Do this by:

i) Learn and practice relaxation to quiet your mind. Find a place where you can take 15 minutes to sit quietly, breathe freely and easily, and allow your mind to release all unnecessary mental tension with each exhale.

ii) Recognize your negative automatic thoughts and how they trigger your depressed mood. Take steps to reframe them to become more positive in order to retrain your mind to be more positive about you, your life, and your future. For example, rather than saying “I will always feel weak and never accomplish anything”, say “Right now, I am going through a change and a period of allowing myself to problem solve, and when I will come out of it. on the other hand, I will achieve exactly what I am determined to achieve”.

iii) Don’t stay static for too long, make sure you have a change of scenery which will also help stop your wandering mind and prevent your mind from focusing on negative and upsetting thoughts and emotions.

Secret 5: Work the magic of mood

Steve added, “Creating a happier mood means bringing in things that automatically trigger a more positive mood.” Do this by:

i) Change the color scheme in your environment to include more yellow.

ii) Pin pictures around you that immediately trigger feelings of happiness.

iii) Place objects around the house that correspond to a future happy event or life purpose.

iv) Get more light. You will have heard the phrase ‘he/she is in a dark place’. There’s a reason for that. A lack of light can affect the mood, so it is important to have enough light. Consider walking in daylight for an hour a day and if you work indoors, be sure to get out at lunchtime even if it’s raining. If you can’t walk, consider getting a daylight bulb to get enough “natural light”.

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