UREC’s new outdoor fitness area becomes a stress reliever for students | News

UREC provides students with an outdoor fitness area. After a stressful day, come take advantage of all the extra lessons they have to offer.

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UREC’s new outdoor fitness area is open. It’s two thousand five hundred square feet of everything you can imagine to meet your fitness needs.

Associate Director of Facilities Operations Brad Wilson said: “We have medicine balls, battle ropes, grip strength pieces, plyo boxes for jumps. A lot of the gear you see inside, we toughened it up and brought it here for an outdoor environment.

Students, don’t worry. Your busy schedules won’t prevent you from taking advantage of the outdoor fitness area. The outdoor space will host additional classes for students to participate in.

Wilson said: “Times are on our website. They can go out and participate in these classes at different times, whether in the morning, afternoon or evening. just as you would have access to the main interior part of the building, you will have the same equal access here.

He explained that this fitness space is only the second in the country. As a team, they had to look at the space and the needs of the students to find the right components to put it all together.

“Data from the Harvard School of Public Health’s College Health Behavior Study concluded that frequent physical activity had significant effects on students’ mood, stress levels, and social interactions. students who were social and exercised three or more times a week reported better mood and reduced stress than those who didn’t.

Business major Ben Davidson hits the gym regularly, “I always feel pretty good after a workout, but it adds a whole other dynamic to being outside in weather like this.”

Student government has played a huge role in the outdoor fitness space. They have been huge supporters of UREC and student efforts.

To check times and register for practice classes, students can go to www.lsuuniversityrec.com.

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