Tips for new gym enthusiasts

The gyms here are filling up again and I totally agree.

On Wednesday night I showed up to the gym and was pleasantly surprised at the number of people who have returned for their sweat sessions since the start of the pandemic.

I guess since anyone going to a gym or fitness center must have at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, this created a greater sense of security for gym goers, especially new gym goers.

Exercise is extremely beneficial for our overall health and therefore it is very important for all of us to find a way to exercise safely and with confidence during the pandemic.

Exercise will help us keep our blood pressure low and can help improve our

mood, energy level and even help us sleep better. In these stressful times, these things can matter more than ever.

Back to the beginners… I’ve seen quite a few new faces and here are some tips if you’re new to the gym.

Don’t look or be scary. It’s usually a guy’s problem. Yes, there are women walking around with amazing bodies wearing tight shorts and leggings, but don’t do that creepy look from across the room. If anything, have the courage to say hello. By the way, women also get scary. Believe me.

Don’t waste your time. Find a good personal trainer. If you can’t afford it, jump to YouTube and search for people with training in the field.

Don’t linger longer than necessary. It’s pretty straightforward. Go to class one minute before the start and leave immediately after. If it is not a fixed course, write down or memorize your training strategy before arriving and follow it quickly.

Do not leave your towel and / or your water bottle everywhere. Pick up behind you. You are an adult.

Don’t stay inactive. Don’t sit on your phone while someone is waiting to use the equipment.

Do not get sweat all over the equipment. Disinfect and wipe down each piece of equipment after using it. Again you are an adult

Don’t be a total loner. Yes, focus on your training. But get to know the people in your gym. You might be lifting up next to your next best friend. Remember strangers are friends we haven’t met.

Observe the headphone rule. It’s a universal rule: helmet in it means do not disturb. People wearing headphones are probably trying to focus on their form and distracting them can cause injury.

Share. Unfortunately, there is not always enough room for everyone. Allowing someone to “work” while you rest is a good thing to do.

Don’t drop the weights. Aside from the obvious danger of dropping them on someone, many gyms have a policy against slamming weights.

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