TikTok Star Blake Gray Training Routine and Training at DogPound

Blake Gray isn’t just at the DOGPOUND gym to tick a box in his daily routine. The TikTok star and content creator has a massive following (5.1 million on Instagram, 10 million on TikTok), but he’s mostly engaged in training, which is one of the reasons Gray spends so much time to train.

“Two years ago, I just came to this gym to train,” he told the MH crew when we checked in with him at the bustling training center in Los Angeles. “I started getting these gains and then I fell in love with the gym.”

Gray’s appreciation for routine is helped by the fact that he enjoys a close relationship with his trainer, Kevin Meija, who joined him to walk through some of Gray’s favorite workout moves. “We just had an instant bond, and then through sports and stuff like that, playing basketball, we became really good friends,” Meija says. “Blake brings it to the gym all the time.”

Here, Meija walks Gray through a series of exercises they use to prepare for days at the beach (or just his shirtless social media videos).

Blake Gray’s Workout

    2 sets of 10 reps

      2 sets of 45 seconds of each variation




        7 reps at each position

        Sled Series

        2 rounds

          20 meters

            20 meters

              20 meters

                5 reps on each side, then 10 together

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