Three Simple Truths That Will Make Or Destroy Your Business And Fitness Goals

July 4, 2021

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The star quarterback misses his shots. The hot spot keeper cannot buy a bucket.

In sports, when a star player is struggling, the casual fan will usually report a big macro issue. However, talk to a former athlete or listen to the coach during the interview, and you’ll hear something much smaller (and surprising). This is because the coach and the former athlete understand that the micro determines the macro.

Maybe the quarterback is missing shots because his communication is slightly off with his linemen and receivers. Perhaps the star point guard is missing shots due to slightly off-beat mechanics and struggling to read the space given to him.

This same scenario plays out both in business and in fitness.

Typically, when someone is looking to grow their business or take charge of their health, they focus on the macro while neglecting the micro. This approach is retrograde. Success in fitness and business begins with the microphone. To be successful in both areas, here are three simple truths you need to keep in mind.

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Your results are invisible at first

The pursuit of success comes with a duality to begin with. There is excitement and anticipation of reaching your goals. However, on the other side, something lurks: the lack of visible results. In business, you send emails, but no one responds. You call people, but no one answers. You create content, but no one reads it. You promote your products and services, but no one is buying. In fitness, you eat healthy and exercise, but the inches don’t seem to be moving.

With the initial excitement subsiding and no visible results to show, entrepreneurs will be faced with the temptation to give up the ship (i.e. their goals). However, as Jeff Olson states in The Slight Edge, “the results are invisible at first.” Just because you have a lack of visible results doesn’t mean there is a lack of invisible activity. Don’t give in to the kryptonite of entrepreneurship and fitness: impatience and the need for immediacy.

It takes time for an ice cube to melt, and it will take time to grow your business and your body.

Ice cubes on the kitchen table may seem like nothing is happening (i.e. no visible results), but they do melt, albeit slowly (i.e. invisible activity). Change can be frustrating because it can seem like nothing is happening despite taking the “right” actions. But all these little actions and victories accumulated daily quietly pile up in the background to become something important.

Keep calling, throwing, writing, and exercising, because even if you can’t see anything right now, that doesn’t mean nothing is happening.

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Avoid the “virus of convenience”

The virus of complacency prevents many entrepreneurs from getting what they really want. When you have this virus, you are essentially anesthetized before going to the operating room. Over time, you become immune and dull to what you become. A telltale sign that you are suffering from this virus is creating explanations and minimizing the things that you previously did not tolerate.

Complacency is the silent killer for both your business and fitness goals.

“It’s only a few pounds.” “He’s just a customer.” “It’s only a day’s work.”

Complacency destroys progress and growth while making significant change unlikely. When you’re complacent, you’re unlikely to adapt to an ever-changing environment. When you don’t adapt and grow, you are going in the opposite direction: becoming obsolete. Neither the weight gain nor the decline in business performance happens overnight. Instead, they act like a slow asphyxiation where you don’t even realize it’s happening. Don’t mistakenly think that your current status quo will continue “as is”. What brought you here will not take you to the next level. Comfort equates to losing your edge, getting replaced, and gaining weight.

Switching the switch does not need to be complicated. Start with an honest self-assessment of yourself. Be brutally honest. Have you lowered your standards, values ​​and goals? Have you lowered them because of your obstacles, your surroundings, wavering inspiration levels, or some other crisis? Realizing and realizing yourself is necessary to create the urgency to change (or re-commit to your real business and fitness goals).

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Operate with an investor mindset

Whether it’s stocks or bitcoin, both require a long-term commitment. You don’t just think of today, next week or next month, you think of five, ten and 20 years and beyond.

You are a grand chess master who thinks 15 moves ahead.

Unfortunately, this is the opposite of how many entrepreneurs are changing their bodies and their businesses. Many weight loss and business programs promise to change your life, body, and business in 90 days. Will you get results? Absolutely. Are you going to completely change your life? Not likely.

Ninety days is not enough to fundamentally change your ways and your identity. Anyone can take a 90-day program, but what’s next? Often it is nothing but an empty void that is initiated for the return of old habits. This is why you see people losing weight with these fitness challenges, only to gain all the weight back months later. This is why you see that many have a good quarter only so as not to duplicate it in subsequent quarters. Everything has a cost. When you go for short-term pleasures, you often unknowingly engage in long-term frustration.

As you go along with your fitness and business goals, take a break and assess if the way you go about it is something that will last well beyond 90 days. Instead of a 90-day program, think in terms of a 365-day program (or at least 300 days). After all, we are just humans.

Just as a small crack in the dam can serve as the impetus for the area to burst and flood, so a small crack in your infrastructure could act as an impetus so you don’t get what you want. Focus on the mic and leave no stone unturned, and before you know it, that dream body and business will turn into your new everyday reality.

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