The Natick Education Foundation awards more than $40,000 in grants for 2021-2022

“Our grants program is an important part of the work of the Natick Education Foundation. We have seen how hard teachers and administrators at Natick have worked throughout the pandemic,” said NEF President Megan Shelley. “It is impressive that so many teachers and students have had the passion and drive to develop meaningful and creative funding proposals.

Here is the breakdown. Congratulations to all grant recipients:

Recreation Hall

Brown Elementary School has secured funding for a welcome mural in the school lobby. Creation of the full-scale work will likely begin in the spring of 2023, when an artist-in-residence will lead the project. Students and members of the wider community will be involved in everything from preparation to painting.

Michelle Parven, Brown’s Elementary Art Specialist, prepared the grant proposal for this project.

Fancy a ride?

The Natick High School Fitness Center got five new spin bikes, along with other equipment. The grant will provide spinning classes in high school, expanding access to fitness options for many students.

Jillian Schiavo, a physical education teacher, led this grant application.

Technically speaking

The NEF will help Robo-Natick, Natick High School’s award-winning robotics club, meet financial demand for materials, contest entry fees, and provide demonstrations and lessons for young students and the community. at large. RoboNatick is a club for students interested in the fields of robotics, technology and engineering.

The club is overseen by robotics professor Donald Clements.

Shake, shake, shake your fools

Restless and busy students at Natick Pre-School will get a helping hand by being more focused and engaged with a range of alternative seating options. Some possibilities: floor rocking chairs and other floor seats; balance balls; and cubic chairs. We can’t wait to see the options in action.

Teacher Maureen Morrissey made this request.

Growth opportunity

The Wilson Middle School Robotics Club has struggled to grow its membership, so 7th grade science teacher Craig Fulton asked the NEF to help replace outdated and limited equipment. This grant will provide funds for new CUE robot kits, which should make a big difference in keeping students challenged and coming back to the club.

Tiny saplings grow mighty trees

Wilson Middle School Grade 7 students Jolee Flynn and Lily Wheeler want to make an impact in the fight against climate change and they want to involve their peers, teachers and WMS families while doing so. Project Sapling will host presentations by local experts in sustainability, conservation and agriculture for the Wilson community. The culmination of the project will be the planting of trees in the Wilson Garden.

Wanted: NEF Board Members and Volunteers

Each year, the Natick Education Foundation awards innovation grants to educators and students. The NEF also offers scholarships to high school students and honors Natick public school teachers through its Teacher Tribute program. If you would like to be part of an organization dedicated to enriching, improving and supporting Natick’s public education system, please
contact Megan Shelley at [email protected]

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