• Select a trainer: When you sign up for Future, you’re immediately matched with a Coach to help you set goals and achieve lasting health and fitness. Download the app to get started and your trainer will schedule a strategic call to discuss your fitness goals, workout preferences and more to build your personalized plan.
  • Make a plan: Your workout plan is the key to achieving your fitness goals. To get started, your trainer will develop a comprehensive plan tailored to your schedule, priorities, and overall fitness journey. You will have new guided workouts in the Future app every week.
  • Break a sweat: Now comes the job! Start exercising as much as you want, whenever you want. Stay in touch with your coach via SMS and Facetime and provide feedback on your workouts.
  • Track and refine: Keep on going! Future sends you an Apple Watch so you and your coach can track your progress, refine your routine as needed, and celebrate accomplishments.