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Syracuse Third Cohort Graduates Create Pathways to Apprenticeship Construction Training Program

Program to Prepare Local Workforce for Jobs Created by I-81 and Other Infrastructure Investments Opens Applications for Rounds 4 and 5

This press release was prepared by the CEO of CenterState

SYRACUSE, NY – Syracuse Build was recently highlighted by the White House in a news release about the administration’s U.S. bailout investments. Syracuse and the Syracuse Build Pathways to Apprenticeship program were cited as examples of best practice U.S. bailout funding used to invest in building a diverse and skilled infrastructure workforce.

“Syracuse Build’s ongoing efforts to create a strong and inclusive workforce have had a significant impact around the City of Syracuse, Onondaga County and neighboring counties in New York State,” said Christopher Montgomery, director of Syracuse Build. “The White House and various states across the country rightly recognize him as a model for building a diverse and skilled infrastructure workforce. Syracuse Build programs diversify the talent pool by training, placing and retaining workers through construction-related opportunities. We look forward to continuing this important work and creating the necessary pathways for in-demand local construction careers. »

Syracuse Build is a citywide initiative, housed within CNY Works, supported by CenterState CEO’s Work Train. The program has helped residents access pre-apprenticeship programs and degrees in high-demand sectors, including construction, electrical mechanics, HVAC, advanced/high-tech manufacturing, commercial driving and development of software.

“It is deeply gratifying to see the innovative workforce programming delivered through Syracuse Build recognized nationally,” said Dominic Robinson, Vice President of Economic Inclusion at CenterState CEO. “The programs led by Chris Montgomery and Pathways to Apprenticeship Program Manager Ebony Farrow, and supported by many partners, are creating pathways to real economic opportunity in high-demand jobs. We hope this recognition will empower others to follow our plan and create meaningful programs to impact the lives of people in communities across the country.

In addition to being recognized nationally for its innovative work, including at the U.S. Department of Labor’s Good Jobs Summit in Washington, D.C., Syracuse Build is also one of six programs invited to participate. the Federal Highway Administration’s strategic workforce development. Every day counts. -6 program.

“As we celebrate another class of Syracuse Build Pathways to Apprenticeship graduates, I am grateful to the many partners who continue to invest in the program,” said Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh. “The recognition from the White House is a testament to how our efforts to attract and train a diverse workforce have already begun to have an impact in Syracuse and the region.”

Syracuse Build Pathways to Apprenticeship Third Cohort Graduation was held on Friday, July 15, 2022

Syracuse Build’s flagship program, Pathways to Apprenticeship, advances the community. On Friday, July 15, Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh, CenterState CEO, the Building and Construction Trades Council of Central and Northern New York, and other community partners celebrated the graduation of the third promotion of the program. The 14 graduates are currently working on applications and union testing. The 30 graduates from cohorts one and two were all invited and/or accepted into a union apprenticeship, union membership or union boot camp. This comprehensive apprenticeship readiness program aims to prepare women, people of color and veterans to help them access registered apprenticeship programs in the construction trades. Eighteen people took part in the 11-week paid program which prepares the local workforce for union apprenticeships, some of whom may find opportunities in the significant number of construction jobs created by the infrastructure investments federal, state and local, including I-81.

“We know that the Pathways program directly impacts the lives of people in our community by giving them the tools they need to realize their passion and their potential,” said Ebony Farrow, Program Manager, Pathways to Apprenticeship. “It’s rewarding to see people connecting to this program and realizing there’s a place for them in the build. Their skills and experience bring value and new perspectives to this industry. I encourage women, especially women of color, to apply to Pathways and see how this program can support their goals.

Throughout the Pathways to Apprenticeship program, participants have learned the physical and technical skills needed to be competitive and successfully apply for a registered union apprenticeship. Getting into a union-sponsored registered apprenticeship can be very competitive; Throughout the program, participants received exclusive networking opportunities with local unions, as well as coaching and preparation for the registered apprenticeship application process.

“The Central and Northern NY Building Trades Council is proud to partner with the Syracuse Build program,” said Alan Marzullo, business manager and financial secretary for IBEW Local 43. gain access to a well-paid union. building works. The skills they have developed will position them well as they pursue opportunities on the immediate horizon, and those long term. We look forward to working with Mayor Walsh, the CEO of CenterState, and all partners to connect more residences to the program and careers in Central New York.

The Pathway to Apprenticeship program is a collaboration between the Central and Northern New York Building Trades Council (CNNYBTC) and Syracuse Build and teaches the nationally-recognized North American Building Trade Unions (NABTU) Multi-Trade Core Curriculum.

Applications are now being accepted for a fourth cohort of the program, scheduled for August 31. Successful applicants for the fourth class of the Pathways to Apprenticeship program will be notified by October 21 and the program will run from November 1 to January 20. Cohort 5 will begin accepting applications in October 2022. The training is free and accepted participants will be paid for their time in the program. By expanding the program, the partners hope to hire more people and prepare them for the growing number of construction job opportunities.

Acceptance into the Pathways program is competitive. To meet the minimum requirements, applicants must:

  • Be 18 or older;
  • Live in the city of Syracuse;
  • Desire a career in construction;
  • Be authorized to work in the United States;
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent;
  • Read, write and speak English for training and safety purposes; and
  • Be physically fit to perform construction work.

Funding for the Pathways program comes from several community partners recognizing the need to prepare the local workforce, including the City of Syracuse, Greater Syracuse HOPE, Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative, North America’s Building Trade Unions, Central New York Community Foundation , United Way of Central New York and the Alliance for Economic Inclusion.

About the CEO of CenterState
CenterState’s CEO is an independent, forward-thinking economic development strategist, business leadership organization, and chamber of commerce; dedicated to the success of its members and the prosperity of the region. It serves as an advocate and resource for smart business, catalyzes and facilitates regional growth, and promotes community prosperity through results-driven partnerships, planning, and problem-solving.

About the Building Trades of Central and North New York (CNNYBT)
CNNYBTC represents approximately 5,000 construction workers and 17 highly skilled member unions in a wide range of occupations. These men and women are an integral part of New York’s workforce, our region’s economy and future economic prosperity. Since 1958, CNNYBTC has existed in New York City to bring together the needs of unions in all construction-related trades with the goal of protecting worker welfare and learning from each other. Together we have been able to make our voices heard in the State Legislature, fight for local jobs, fair wages, funding for major infrastructure projects and more. We continue to fight every day for our members and their families, which is evident in our learning programs. We have 150,000 square feet of training facilities. Each year, we spend over $7.5 million on training. Over the past ten years, we have graduated over 1,735 students. We continue to work every day to implement state-level apprenticeship training. These programs allow us to continue our great traditions of delivering quality work in today’s industry and improving construction in New York State.

About the City of Syracuse – Mayor’s Office
Mayor Ben Walsh is a political independent and is the 54th mayor of the city of Syracuse. The Walsh administration developed Syracuse Surge – an inclusive economic development strategy prioritizing technology sector jobs, expanding the trade-related workforce, and social initiatives focused on creating opportunities for all. Under the Walsh administration, the city experienced a population growth attracting young professionals, tech entrepreneurs, and new businesses. The City of Syracuse workforce has more than 2,000 employees and manages initiatives with global partners such as JPMorgan Chase, New York State, Microsoft and Bloomberg Philanthropies.

About the city of Syracuse
The city of Syracuse is the fifth largest city in New York State. It is the epicenter of New York and the central New York area. The city is known for its diverse tech startup industry, a rapidly growing downtown business district; and its proximity to major anchor institutions, including five higher education campuses and four hospital systems. The city has been named one of Real Estate News’ 100 Best Places to Live, Safest Cities to Live in (Farmers), and a City Where Millennials Move the Most (Bloomberg). It was also named New York State’s Flagship Smart City by the New York Power Authority. The city’s neighborhoods are among the most diverse in the state and provide access to important agricultural investments such as the Onondaga Creekwalk and the Syracuse Inner Harbor. Syracuse is a 4.5 hour drive from cities like New York, Toronto, Boston and Philadelphia.

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