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Lying down or getting up early? I’m not an everyday early riser. I won’t get out of bed before 9am unless someone pays me to do so.

Sunday breakfast? “Breakfast” is a generous term for when I get up. I lean a lot on the “unch” end of brunch. If you strictly imposed the philosophical concept of brunch, it would be a little difficult.

Sunday entertainment? I’m largely friends with comedians who also have terrible hours, so we’ll do most of our key meetups at 3 p.m. on a Wednesday. If I don’t have a concert in the evening, Sunday is a good time to find friends who have real jobs.

Sunday exercise? I’m not the most active person on a Sunday. Mainly, I’ll just laze around the house. I like going to the cinema, but as I’m free during the week, I tend to leave the cinema at the weekend to the norms.

Sunday cleaning? I try not to any housework. But especially on a Sunday the house will be in such a state of disrespect, my partner [comedian Amy Annette] say, “Something has to be done,” and I’ll have to pick up all my pants off the floor.

Sunday dinner? If I go to see my parents, mum will have cooked okra curry – my favorite since I was a child – and a chicken or lamb curry. A big part of how my family expresses affection is to feed each other and then say you need to exercise more.

Sunday relaxation? Sunday is a very good evening for comedy. On a Friday or a Saturday, you are only part of the evening. If you go out to watch something on a Sunday, you really want to see it.

Do you love or dread Monday mornings? Mondays tend to be a day off, but when I have to work I still have the same feeling in the pit of my stomach. It’s a holdover from school, because all I do is sit in a room with several of my friends and try to make them laugh. No one confuses it with forced labor.

Nish Kumar is at the Edinburgh Fringe 2022 with Your Power, Your Control (

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