Stay Fit Gym opens its 9th location in Bucharest in the Colosseum shopping center

Stay Fit Gym, the second largest gym chain in Romania, after the number of fitness centers opened, announces the opening of a new location in Bucharest, the largest to date, at the Colosseum Mall.

“The opening of the Colosseum fitness center is a major milestone in the development of Stay Fit Gym, it is the largest center we have opened to date. The center features state-of-the-art Matrix equipment We are confident that the residential area around the mall, which is constantly expanding, will lead to a significant increase in foot traffic within the Colosseum Mall and thus increase the number of customers for the gymnasium.For this year, we aim to reach between 700 and 800 subscribers for this center, and next year the number will reach 1,200”,said Alexandru Lascăr, CEO of Stay Fit Gym.

The official opening of the Colosseum Mall took place at the end of March. On this occasion, Stay Fit Gym inaugurated the ninth location, which is available on the first floor of the mall. The new fitness center is the largest to date in the Stay Fit Gym network, at over 1,600 square meters. The investment in fitting out and opening this space was around 3 million lei.

In 2021, Stay Fit Gym recorded a turnover of approximately 10 million lei. For the current year, management estimates revenues at more than 15 million lei against the backdrop of an increase in people’s appetite to adopt a healthy lifestyle as well as maintain good physical and mental health. .

In February this year, the company announced the first merger and acquisition operation following the entry of the private equity fund Morphosis Capital into the shareholding – the complete takeover of Neby Fitness, a fitness center in the district of Domenii market in Bucharest. In 2022, thanks to capital raised from Morphosis Capital, Stay Fit Gym plans to inaugurate up to ten fitness centers in Bucharest and other key cities in Romania with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

Founded in 2012 by three Romanian entrepreneurs – Alexandru Lascăr (CEO), Marius Preodișteanu (Head of Expansion) and Laurențiu Lascăr (Operational Director), Stay Fit Gym currently has a team of around 200 employees and collaborators. The company operates nine centers in Bucharest and offers a wide range of services such as aerobics and functional training classes, personal trainers and a sauna. The nine fitness centers are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

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