Stay active this winter with indoor activities

The weather outside can get scary soon, but there is still plenty of indoor activity around the OHIO Athens campus to keep you active this winter.

“All of our facilities are always active during the winter break, with the exception of the golf and tennis center,” said Larrissa Becker, director of operations and engagement for Campus Recreation.

“Students can come to the Ping Center and use the facilities here, like cardio equipment or weight lifting equipment. We also have group fitness and F45 classes available, ”Becker said. “They will be reduced during the winter break but they will still be available, so if students are looking for structured activities, they can still do so at the Charles Ping Recreation Center. We also offer activities such as freestyle swimming at the Aquatic Center and recreational skating at the Bird Arena.

The first few weeks of the fall and spring semesters are often the busiest at Ping Center.

“I think the students are just excited to get back to their routine,” she said.

Once the new semester begins, the intramural sports program will return and students will be able to register for activities such as basketball, indoor soccer, indoor volleyball, floor hockey, and more. Registrations are open from January 4 to 20. A second spring session is offered in March and April with more outdoor sports, and registration will begin at the end of February.

Outdoor activities will also return in the spring, and adventure travel is returning this year after being cut short last year due to COVID. Campus Recreation plans to hire more student employees in the spring to focus on the financial well-being of students and to help maintain the increased number of activities offered.

It’s important to create consistency in your schedule to stay active and healthy.

“I think the routine is healthy for the students and they need us to help them keep that pattern. I think a lot of students also probably struggle with seasonal affective disorder and come back to that model and having late night programs helps get the students out and participate in this community, ”Becker said.

If you find it difficult to take that first step off the couch, it is important to know that you are not alone and that it will become easier with the support of others in activities.

“I think groups like F45 and group fitness, as well as intramural sports, there is consistency and commitment. You sign up and engage in a group or activity and it becomes part of your natural routine, ”Becker said. “I also think that with F45, they created this community of students who depend on each other and have their own Instagram accounts and ways to stay connected. They tag each other in their workouts and when they go to workout. or register for courses.

For more information on upcoming activities, visit the campus recreation webpage and follow them on Twitter @OHIOCampusRec.

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