Rachel Uchitel, the wrecker of Tiger Woods, expelled

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The trials and tribulations of Tiger Woods’ former mistress, Rachel Uchitel, continue apace.

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Today, America’s most notorious home wrecker was kicked out of her apartment and allegedly owes $50,000 in rent, the New York Post reports.

According to the Post, Uchitel — recently chosen as a spokesperson for dating site Sugar Baby Seeking Arrangement — moved into the $3,200-a-month apartment in Manhattan in 2019.

A lawsuit seen by the tabloid claims Uchitel struggled to pay rent in 2019 and stopped paying entirely in May 2020.

Landlord Sherwood Allen Salvan said Uchitel moved out in February, but the lawsuit says she still owes $19,200 in rent from January 2021 until June 2021, when the lease expires.

HBO airs uncensored documentary on Tiger Woods. Photo by Robyn Beck /AFP/Getty Images

And there would also be $4,000 in property damage and other charges. She filed for bankruptcy last July.

Now the owner has turned to Uchitel’s guarantor for the money. But the guarantor is putting a stop to repaying his debt as they claim they only agreed to cover it for 2019 and ‘a fraud has been perpetrated’.

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Uchitel told the Post, “There was a moratorium on evictions and I was waiting to see what the city was going to do and I was waiting to see how my job and my life was going to go.”

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She added: “I have no intention of hurting people or robbing people. I was in the middle of a pandemic like everyone else. I never wanted anyone to have to pay my rent or , obviously, this was a situation no one expected or wanted to find themselves in.

After becoming the heartbroken face of New York after the 2001 terrorist attacks when she was photographed searching for her fiancé, who was killed at the World Trade Center, Uchitel finally found the superstar golfer.

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Things came to a head in 2009 after Woods’ affair with Uchitel was revealed by the National Enquirer.

As more secrets about her underground sex life emerged, Woods’ career imploded, but she was back on track until her February car accident in California.

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