Powerlifter Joseph Whittaker narrowly misses gym crash with 400kg squat

We’ve said it countless times on this website, whenever you’re looking to push your strength to the limit in the weight room, always bring an observer. Weightlifter Joseph whittaker was certainly happy to follow this rule after narrowly avoiding a potentially fatal gym accident.

Hailing from New Zealand, Whittaker has been a powerlifting veteran for nearly a decade. He has participated extensively in regional events, in the +120 kg weight class, placing first or second in every competition in which he appears.

However, he almost faced an injury that probably could have ended his life, or at the very least sidelined him for a while with a serious injury. He posted a video on his Instagram, where he was seen trying to squat at 400kg, which would have better surpassed his 17kg competition, but it was apparently too much for him, as he started to bend under the bar and had to throw the weight off and back up.

“Good team,
SOUND ON the shared violence of this is confusing and the monolift is the safest thing I crouched in, having unhooked 400 my knee broke the batter in the wrap causing me to lose the balance and did my best to remove it the end result and the safest option was to throw myself over my head, unfortunately I fucked a squat bar 🥴🥴 ”Whittaker wrote .

In the video, you can see Joseph struggling immediately from the moment he removed the weight from the rack. Fortunately, his watcher saw it too and helped him prepare it right away, grabbing him after the weight was thrown, even checking to make sure he hadn’t cut his head off.

Although it was higher than his top competitor, Joseph Whittaker did not push beyond a reasonable weight to squat. That said, he couldn’t handle it with this session and was clearly saved from a serious injury with the help of his spotter.

In fact, he proved just a day later that it was just a bad elevator, by squatting 402kg successfully. It was still a battle for him to hit him, but it showed that he wasn’t interested in giving up just because he had failed a lift.

It is really good to see that Joseph Whittaker was not injured by this failing elevator and was able to squat even more the next day. This is a level of determination that most only wish to hold.

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