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Kelsey Felch, manager of Next Edge Performance at Fort Dodge, performs an eye-hand coordination exercise using the Reflexion system. The system is a new acquisition for the fitness center, which opened in a new location at 326 S. 25th St. in May.

Kelsey Felch’s hands were blurred as they passed over a black screen, touching clusters of green lights as they came on.

In less than a minute, Felch, the director of Next Edge Performance at Fort Dodge, completed the hand-eye coordination exercise on the Reflexion system, one of the newest features of the health center’s new location and of well-being.

Next Edge Performance opened at 326 S. 25th St. in April, after moving a few blocks north from its former location at 2419 Fifth Ave. S.

The move allows the center to provide new services, including free weights and exercise machines, and offer them to members around the clock.

The move is also the first step in bringing Next Edge Performance and Faiferlick Taekwondo, Martial Arts, Self-Defense and Fitness LLC together on the same site. Both companies are owned by Justin Faiferlick.

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Recumbent bikes and treadmills await users at Next Edge Performance, 326 S. 25th St.

The new Next Edge Performance location is in a former trophy store that was later a site for laser tag games. The martial arts studio moves into the former Ridgewood Lanes store next door. Renovations are still in progress.

Faiferlick described Next Edge Performance as a “comprehensive health and wellness center.” It opened in May 2020.

The new site offers all the services that customers enjoyed on the previous site.

These services include: cryotherapy, infrared sauna, fitness module, oxygen bar, red light therapy, pulsed electromagnetic therapy, high intensity interval training, yoga, botox and IV therapy.

The Reflexion machine is one of the new additions that Faiferlick said using it improves visual and cognitive skills. He said its use trains the eyes and the brain to make them stronger. He said it’s very similar to training a muscle to make it stronger.

– Photo Messenger by Bill Shea
Weightlifting machine and strength training equipment line a wall at Next Edge Performance. The fitness center opened in its new location at 326 S. 25th St. in May.

The machine offers 13 different exercises. Each exercise addresses eye tracking, hand-eye coordination, reaction time, peripheral awareness, and depth perception.

A sensory deprivation system will soon be added to the centre’s offer.

Felch described him as a “Very relaxing experience. »

“It just allows your body to fully relax and reset,” she says.

Exercise bikes, weightlifting machines, treadmills, a climber, and free weights are also new to Next Edge Performance.

The new site has received an enthusiastic response from customers, according to Faiferlick.

“Customers love the 24/7 access” he said. “They love the new facility.”

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