Navy recruit program goes beyond physical fitness to promote community

Training to become a U.S. Marine can be exhausting, but being a Marine is also about being part of a community, and aspiring recruits got to experience both sides of Corps life on Saturday at Beyond Driven Fitness. at Le Roy on Saturday.

Sponsored by Beyond Driven and the American Warrior Festival, aspiring Marines from Genesee County and beyond learned about physical fitness and a series of exercises they can use to help them prepare for boot camp.

“We motivate and train these future Marines,” said Dan Clor, director of the American Warrior Festival. “They’re all going to ship out most likely within the year. So it’s just kind of a way to boost morale and get them working together and staying in shape. You know, the Marine Corps is very important when it comes to of physical fitness.”

Matt Walther, co-owner of Beyond Driven, said it was exciting for his facility to participate in the training event as the children who come are from the local community and part of Beyond Driven’s mission is to support the community. .

“Everything we do here is community-based and all of these kids are part of the community,” Walther said. “The more we can provide a place that will bring value to them, bring value to the community, the better for everyone.

“We can help prepare them to be the best cadets entering training,” added Walther.

sergeant. John Anderson, Batavia’s lead recruiter, said the community aspect is also what helps Marines better communicate what a Marine is.

“We try to be more open, more involved, and when other people come to help us, it puts us in the spotlight and allows us to grow and show people that we are not just a fighting force, that we I’m more than that,” Anderson said. “We are part of the community and we try to help.”









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