Mom says she can’t return to the gym after “progress photo” error

She had an absolute mare here

A mom on TikTok made a rather unfortunate mistake when she misunderstood a text from her PT and texted him some rather revealing photos of herself.

Gemma Hill, who works as a radio host at Heart West Midlands, was asked to take a photo or two of her progress as she continued to monitor her fitness, and in turn, could hopefully see the benefits during their weeks of training.

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However, as you can see the trainer just wanted Gemma to take the photos for herself and not only reassured that he was not asking clients to send photos but also had to give explanations to his significant other. .

The poor presenter quickly apologized to the confused fitness trainer, writing “how embarrassing” and captioning the post: “How can I go back”.

The video has already had over 180,000 views, with over 11,000 likes and many comments reveling in its slight misery, though many have confessed that they are “dying inside” for it.

At least your followers laughed about it, Gemma – we’re sure you both can laugh about it in time. Good luck at your next session, if this ever happens …

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