Men win Ivy League title, women finish second in round robin championships

PROVIDENCE, RI-Columbia’s fencing program completed day two of the 2022 Ivy League round-robin fencing championships as the Lions men’s team won the Ivy League title with an undefeated record of 4-0 , while the women’s team finished in second place at 4-2 on Sunday at Brown’s Olney-Margolies Athletic Center.

The Columbia men’s team has won its seventh Ivy League fencing round robin title in the past eight years and 41st in the history of the school. The Lions took the top spot with back-to-back wins Saturday over Yale (18-9) and Harvard (15-12), then extended their record to a perfect 4-0 to claim the crown. On Sunday, Columbia capitalized on a narrow 14-13 win over Princeton and 16-11 over Penn to clinch the title.

Ashton Daniel was named Men’s Foil Individual Champion with a 10-2 record. Four male Lions have earned All-Ivy League first-team honors, including Joseph Cohen (saber), Ashton Daniel (foil), Sidarth Kumbla (leaf), and Teddy Lombardo (sword). Christopher Walker earned second-team All-Ivy League honors in saber. Daniel was the top foil with an overall record of 10-2, while Cohen (9-3), Kumbla (9-3) and Lombardo (7-3) all finished second in their respective weapons.

The women tied for second with Harvard with a 4-2 record. Princeton won the title with a perfect 6-0 record. The women opened Saturday with a 20-7 win over Brown, an 18-9 loss to Yale, but then lost a 16-11 decision to Penn. The Lions ended their day with a 21-6 win over Cornell for their 3-1 record. Heading into Sunday, Columbia could have earned a share of the championship with two wins, but lost a 20-7 decision to Princeton and ended the weekend with a 17-10 win over Harvard. Sylvie Binder and Zander Rhodes both earned second-team All-Ivy League honors.

Columbia’s three-game women’s title streak has come to an end. The Lions have now won five of the last eight women’s Ivy League titles, while the men have won their seventh title in the last eight years. Historically, Columbia leads the Ivy League in most combined tag team titles (54), most men’s tag team titles (41), and most women’s tag team titles (13) in 91 total competitive years . The head coach Michel Aufrichtig has now guided Columbia to 12 total titles (seven for men and five for women).

For more information on the 2022 Ivy League Round Robins and a central tournament website, Click here. Full and comprehensive results can be accessed at this link.

Columbia started the weekend ranked second nationally in men’s fencing and third in women’s fencing in the US Fencing Midseason Poll. Eleven Ivy League programs (six women’s and five men’s) are in the poll’s top 11. In women, Princeton is No. 1, Columbia is No. 3, Cornell is No. 4, Harvard is No. 5, Yale is No. 10, and Penn is No. 11. In men, Columbia is No. 2. , Harvard is No. 4, Princeton is No. 7, Penn is No. 8, and Yale is No. 11.

Columbia now holds a combined doubles record of 50-10-1 in 2021-22. The Columbia women are now 26-5-1, while the men own a 24-5 doubleheader game record.

Next, Columbia returns home to host the George Kolombatovich Memorial Meet on Wednesday, Feb. 16 at the Dodge Fitness Center. The Lions will face NYU, Sacred Heart and Vassar at two locations at the Dodge Fitness Center, including the “Blue Gym” college gymnasium and the Columbia Fencing Hall.

Saturday and Sunday, February 12-13, 2022, Olney-Margolies Athletic Center, Brown University, Providence, RI


1. Princeton 6-0
2. Harvard 4-2
4. Penn 3-3
4. Yale 3-3
6. Cornell 1-5
seven. Brown 0-6


Harvard beats Yale, 18-9 (S63/F63/E63)
Princeton defeats Penn, 21-6 (S81/F72/E63)
Columbia beats Brown, 20-7 (S63/F63/E81)
Princeton defeats Brown, 22-5 (S81/F63/E81)
Columbia beats Yale, 18-9 (S63/F54/E72)
Harvard beats Cornell, 19-8 (S72/F63/E63)
Yale beats Cornell, 15-12 (S45/F63/E54)
Harvard def. Brown, 20-7 (S72/F54/E81)
Penn defeats Columbia, 16-11 (S72/F45/E54)
Penn def. Brown, 22-5 (S81/F81/E63)
Columbia beats Cornell, 21-6 (S54/F81/E81)
Princeton defeats Yale, 18-9 (S72/F63/E54)
Princeton defeats Columbia, 20-7 (S72/F81/E54)
Cornell beats Brown, 21-6 (S72/F81/E63)
Harvard beats Penn, 15-12 (S63/F54/E45)
Penn defeats Cornell, 15-12 (S54/F54/E54)
Princeton beats Harvard, 18-9 (S54/F72/E63)
Yale beats Brown, 18-9 (S63/F72/E54)
Columbia defeats Harvard, 17-10 (S54/F63/E63)
Yale beats Penn, 15-12 (S54/F63/E45)
Princeton defeats Cornell, 18-9 (S63/F54/E72)


Vera Kong8-7
Chiara Di Perna6-3
Nora Burque6-6
Chloe Gouhin3-5
Daniella Timofeyev3-7

5. Sylvie Binder12-6
6. Zander Rhodes8-6
ten. Delphine DeVore7-8
Ruoqui Fei, 2-1
Viviane Zheng2-2

Valentina Bos10-3
Ariana Mangano9-3
Audrey Chu6-3
Yana Botvinnik5-3
Mina Yamanaka7-5


2. Harvard 3-1
3. Penn 2-2
4. Princeton 1-3
5. Yale 0-4


Penn defeats Princeton, 14-13 (S36/F54/E63)
Harvard beats Yale, 20-7 (S90/F72/E45)
Columbia beats Yale, 18-9 (S81/F72/E36)
Harvard beats Penn, 19-8 (S81/F63/E54)
Columbia beats Harvard, 15-12 (S36/F63/E63)
Princeton defeats Yale, 17-10 (S45/F63/E72)
Penn defeats Yale, 16-11 (S45/F54/E72)
Columbia defeats Princeton, 14-13 (S54/F54/E45)
Harvard beats Princeton, 16-11 (S63/F54/E54)
Columbia defeats Penn, 16-11 (S72/F54/E45)


2. Joseph Cohen9-3
6. Christopher Walker8-4
Jackson McBride3-0
Robert Vidovsky3-6

1.Ashton Daniel10-2
2. Sidarth Kumbla9-3
ten. james bourtis4-7
Joon Paik0-1

2. Teddy Lombardo7-3
Justin Haddad5-3
Ethan Kushnerik3-4
Cedric Mecke 1-4
Alan Temiryaev1-5

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