Massachusetts residents are among the smartest in the country

With all the colleges and universities in Massachusetts, you’d think we’d be the smartest people on the planet, right? Well according to several surveys, including one conducted by Washington PostMassachusetts ranks in the top two in terms of average intelligence quotient (IQ).

World Population presents the Washington Post ranking, which has Massachusetts at the forefront with an average IQ of 104.3.

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National Library of Medicine Journal of Intelligence Ranking Massachusetts in second place with an average IQ of 103.1, behind New Hampshire with an average IQ of 103.2.

So how did our friends from other New England states rank?

According to JobMassachusetts is first, New Hampshire third, Connecticut fourth, Vermont seventh, Maine 19th and Rhode Island 27th.

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The Journal of Intelligence places New Hampshire first, Massachusetts second, Vermont fourth, Connecticut 11th, Maine 19th and Rhode Island 30th.

It’s no surprise that people in Massachusetts are so smart since there are 114 colleges and universities in Massachusetts. That’s a dozen more colleges and universities than there are hospitals, including 102, according to Google.

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“These institutions include fourteen research universities, twenty-one master’s universities, and thirty-four specialized institutions,” says Wikipedia. “Eighty-five of Massachusetts’ post-secondary institutions are private, five of which are for-profit. Thirty of the state’s post-secondary institutions are public.”

Wikipedia presents a list of all colleges and universities in Massachusetts.

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By the way, if you were wondering which states have the lowest average IQ, the Washington Post says it’s Hawaii. The Journal of Intelligence says New Mexico.

The average IQ of the 50 US states is 98.

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