Local gym offering bungee and trampoline exercises to encourage consistency with New Year’s resolutions

HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas (KWTX) – A local gym is offering a different take on fitness to keep people sticking to their New Year’s fitness resolutions.

Elizabeth Bobé opened Elevate Fitness in Harker Heights in November 2021. The gym offers bungee and trampoline fitness exercises that have become internationally popular in recent years.

Guests are harnessed to a number of bungees depending on their weight. Then the instructors lead the class in several workouts, including squats, jumping jacks, and burpees.

Bobé said she always struggled to train consistently. So she wanted to bring bungee and trampoline fitness to the area as a fun way to encourage people to commit to their health and fitness.

“Usually people are like ‘oh my god this is fun’ and I don’t think people expect it to be as much training as it really is,” said Bobé.

Contrary to what some may think, Bobé said bungees don’t do all the work. Instead, they take the strain off people’s joints.

“We’ve had quite a few women in their sixties come here and they do bungee burpees and it’s just amazing watching them like working out and we’ve had a lot of people say ‘hey , I have arthritis or an injury ‘and they find they can do a lot more in bungee jumping.

Bobé and his team also include trampolines in the exercise. They lead classes in sprinting, pull-ups, and other trampoline workouts.

“It’s good but it’s also fun, so I feel like it’s the perfect dress-up exercise,” said Bobé. “So when that first ‘her new year, let’s go’ wears off, what’s going to keep you coming back?” It was fun ? Was it effective? “

The gym offers classes at different times of the day. You can register here.

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