LCCC’s Silver Sneakers program encourages seniors to move – Morning Journal

Lorain County Community College is implementing ways to encourage seniors to stay active.

SilverSneakers is the nation’s leading wellness fitness program designed exclusively for adults 65 and older and is sponsored by Medicare health plans across the United States.

The initiative promotes greater health engagement and accountability by providing members with regular physical activity and social opportunities.

The program has more than 15,000 participating fitness centers.

LCCC Elyria Campus SilverSneakers offers members a free gym membership as well as additional classes.

Program coordinator and ACE-certified personal trainer Nanci Ickes said classes have been taking place at the LCCC Elyria campus for a year.

“Our class schedule now runs until the end of May and we offer four classes,” she said. “We will resume in June and will be able to offer more classes because there are far fewer academic classes during the summer.”

LCCC SilverSneakers courses are available free of charge to members. (Courtesy of LCCC)

Current class offerings range from classic weight training to yoga, Ickes said.

“It’s my passion,” she said. “I love seeing individuals reach their peak well-being and lead healthy lives over the past few years, it’s very rewarding.”

She said people of all abilities are welcome to attend classes.

“Our classes are for all levels and abilities,” Ickes said. “Each class has a chair, and our instructors can give instructions and cues to anyone who wants to sit or stand.”

The program is also offered at the North Ridgeville campus, Ickes said.

“We’re growing every month, which is phenomenal,” she said. “We just keep adding things that they tell us they want.”

She said they focus on more than fitness.

“One of the key things is building relationships and social connections,” Ickes said. “Socializing can be harder as you get older, and we’ve created a strong social community.”

Ickes said that although the program is aimed at seniors, others may eventually join.

“Our core demographic is usually older retirees, but that doesn’t have to be,” she said. “It’s insurance-based, so according to the company, those 18 and older are eligible to participate.”

Prospective members can check their eligibility on the SilverSneakers website, with their individual insurance carrier, or at the LCCC Fitness Center.

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