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School may be closed for the summer for most students, but the Williamsport Area School District administration is preparing for the start of the 2022-23 school year next month.

“Please understand that school is about to start. We will be prepared. We are still working hard all summer,” Superintendent Dr. Timothy S. Bowers said at this week’s school board meeting.

“We will have a full team of administrators, teachers and support staff so we can prepare to open the school. And we will ensure that our buildings are safe and clean and prepared for the return of your children,” he said.

Bowers wanted to assure parents, especially in light of recent issues in the district and across the country, that the district is prioritizing student safety and well-being.

“That has not changed and that will continue to be our goal,” he added.

Part of preparing for the new school year is hiring staff to have a full complement for the opening of the year.

The following people have been hired, their positions and pay rates listed: Amanda E. Bair, full-time school counselor at Curtin Intermediate, $56,757; Brittany M. Little, full-time health ward technician, base salary of $23,621; Carol A. Buxton, part-time administrative support, $13.75 per hour; Jessica L. Hockenberry, 5th grade teacher at Lycoming Valley Intermediate, $53,633; Lindsey M. Johnson, speech and language support at Hepburn Lycoming Primary, $56,757; Madelyn N. Fritsch, kindergarten teacher at Cochran Primary, $53,633; Mary F. Brewer and Mary T. Hensler, part-time helpers at Lycoming Valley Intermediate, $13.87 an hour; Sara R. Terrano, part-time administrative support, Jackson Primary, $13.75; Skylar R. Maurer, Grade 3 teacher at Hepburn Lycoming Primary, $53,633; Thomas R. Griffith, full-time high school assistant, $17.69 per hour; Alicia M. Carnevale, Jordan C. Yohn, Jeremiah A. Washington, and Kyle S. Schneider, after-school, high school fitness center supervision, $16.34 an hour; Delaney K. Jean, Grade 3 teacher at Cochran Primary, $53,633; Jessica J. Eckman, high school biology teacher, $60,923; and Sara L. Caputo.

The board accepted the following resignations: Elena M. Benavidez, Grade 3 teacher at Cochran Primary; Madeline J. Stradley, part-time administrative support at Jackson Elementary School; Laura C. Garside, full-time music teacher; and Nichole R. Burns, high school special education teacher, $53,633.

The following fall athletic coaches have been hired for the 2022-23 school year and their salary rates are as follows:

Williamsport Area High School

• Head Football Coach: Michael Pearson, $8,000; University assistants: Reese Holmes and Michael Thompson, $3,200; Junior University Assistants: Marshall Nork, $3,420, Craig McKimpson, $2,880; Grade 9 Head Coach: TBA; Ninth-grade assistants: Jesse Walker, $2,560; Devin Miller, $2,560; Volunteers: Kevin Carter and Caitlyn Costa.

• Men’s Soccer Head Coach: Lee W. Kaar, $5,600; Assistant Coach: Brett L. Johnson, $2,380; Volunteer, Cole Lesher.

• Women’s Soccer Head Coach: Beckham Sibiski, $4,480; Assistant coach: Macy McCarthy, $2,240. Women’s Tennis Head Coach: John F. Dorner, $4,000; Assistant: Connor Cornelius, $1,280; Volunteers: Ruth Taddeo-Hunter and Karen Hooker.

• Head Golf Coach: David R. Heller, $3,200.

• Cheerleading Head Coach: Stephanie L. Corter, $4,800; Assistant Coach: Kristiana Ferraro, $2,040; Volunteer: Rodney W. Sones.

• Cross Country Head Coach (boys and girls): Jeremy S. Steppe, $4,800; Assistant Coach: Susan A. Smith, $2,400.

• Volleyball: Head Coach: Patricia A. Jones, $5,320; Assistant Coach: Paul H. “Mannish” Eberhart, $2,380; Volunteer: Loren Collins

Williamsport Area Middle School

• Football: Head Coach MS – Cherry: Mark Nye, $3,200; MS Assistant – Cherry: Alex Peluso, $2,240; Head Coach MS-White: William Cuebas, $3,200; MS Assistant – White: Jaquille Drummond, $2,240; MS Assistant – White: TBA.

• Cross Country Head Coach (Boys and Girls) SP: Rachael $1,280; Assistant Coach, TBA.

• Softball: SP Head Coach: Chase D. Smith, $2,400; SP Assistant Coach: Steve L. Reed, $1,600; SP assistant coach: Bo Hornberger, $1,280; Volunteers: Dominique Thomas, Curtis P. Fink and Christopher P. Anderson.

• SP Cheerleading Head Coach: Kasi Mitchell, $1,700.

The following positions were also approved: Band Director: Todd L. Kendall, $8,858; Percussion coordinator: Marc R. Garside, $3,200; Color Guard Coordinator: Jill D. Reamsnyder, $2,400; Visual coordinator: Donna L. Rearick, $2,400; Wind coordinator: to be determined; Color Guard Technician: TBD; Drum Percussion Instructor: TBD; Front Ensemble Percussion Instructor: Zachary A. Nash, $800; Percussion technician: to be determined; Walking Strings: Matthew A. Radspinner, $3,600.

Bowers noted that there are still open positions in the district in various fields. He encouraged anyone interested to apply.

Dr. Brandon Pardoe, Director of Student Services, has been approved as the District’s Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Student Affairs and as the District’s School Safety and Security Coordinator.

As part of the bids and contracts, the board approved a change order with Shaw Integrated Services for an amount not to exceed $150,000 for work to be performed during the Cochran flooring project.

They also approved Don Paul Shearer, Real Estate Appraiser, Camp Hill, to appraise Stevens Elementary School and Services Complex properties at a cost not to exceed $6,000.

The next board meeting will be at 6 p.m. at the District Service Center, 2780 West Fourth St.

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