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HYDERABAD: Celebrity trainer and manual osteopathic therapist Minash Gabriel, who trains movie stars Mahesh Babu, Akhil, Samantha and Allu Arjun, is opening a personalized hybrid fitness club in Jubilee Hills.

The club focuses on a hybrid workout that makes you feel strong, lean, and powerful, rather than just making you look like it all. If you’re worried about late-onset muscle pain after training, or if you’re developing other muscle or movement issues, Minash is here for you. The fitness club not only trains you, but also offers support in rehabilitation, nutrition and physiotherapy.

Minash, 30, was a national level cricketer who raced for the Ranji Trophy until the age of 20, when a knee injury forced him to retire. Turning his own phase of rehabilitation into motivation, he became a fitness instructor and rehabilitation trainer. “The combination of training, physiotherapy and rehabilitative medicine introduced me to hybrid training,” he says. “I was so close to the Ranji Trophy, but my injury held me back. I thought the injury was reversible. It took me almost two years and regular visits to several physiotherapists and orthopedists to find that it was irreversible. Despite that, I continued to play and ended up injuring my back, ”says Minash.

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It was then that he decided to hang up his spiked shoes. “I was 24, graduated in economics, ignorant and depressed about my career. I decided to redo my classes XI and XII, this time with biological sciences as a subject so that I could enroll in a physiotherapy course, ”he says.

Minash graduated in physiotherapy and can’t wait to put his training to good use. The hybrid fitness club, which will launch on Thursday, will be managed by a team of experts and will provide space for hybrid training.
“A postural assessment is done in static and dynamic body movements, which would help us know which muscles to work on. We will also perform regular BMI tests, as well as breathing capacity tests, to train the body to be flexible, strong and lean. The result would be personalized, ”he says.

The club not only trains you, but also offers support in rehabilitation, nutrition and physiotherapy.

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