How to Build Big Chest Muscles Like Chris Hemsworth and Chis Evans

Daniel Craig

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Be the best version of yourself

Can us ordinary guys really look like James Bond or Captain America? Yes, says Waterson – if you have his advice and the dedication and genetic ability of his famous clients. But we are all different. So instead of trying to emulate someone different, he says, you might find it more beneficial to try to become the best version of yourself.

With that caveat, Waterson’s top pick for a “well-rounded” chest (and chest) workout would be a heavy barbell press on an incline bench at 25-45 degrees, which works the top more. of your chest. He would layer that with “something widening” and hit your chest muscle fibers in a different direction: say, an incline barbell volley. Next, he likes to throw cables to recruit surrounding supporting muscles. Craig’s year-long preparation for no time to die included a low-to-high cable flye in a split squat position, which wraps through your abs, lower back, and arms.

Bodyweight exercises are essential

For a tiring chest finisher, Waterson likes bodyweight exercises: a standard press, or with the hands or feet on a bench (targeting the lower and upper chest respectively), or even with a weight plate on the back (which is no longer a bodyweight exercise, but good). Then he would probably go two or three days before hitting the chest again, but from a different angle: a heavy flat or decline press, an equivalent volley, maybe a cable press, finishing again with another bodyweight exercise like dips on parallel bars. , which doubles as a good barometer of your progress.

To get the most out of your chest, Waterson suggests a protocol of four sets of eight to 10 reps for each exercise, and one to failure for the finisher. “A little failure” on the other exercises is fine, and maybe a few forced reps at the end if you’re training with a partner. But you shouldn’t fail every session: sometimes you want to feel like the sessions are getting easier and you’re getting stronger. Conversely, a plateau may indicate that you are training too hard or without enough diversity. Muscles are, says Waterson, like finicky houseplants: too much or the wrong kind of attention and they won’t grow. (Suddenly, the dead palm in the corner of my home office seems telling.)

Regularly mix up your repetitions

You should, Waterson says, change your rep range maybe every four weeks to make sure you’re stimulating all the different types of muscle fibers and maximizing your gains. And balance your chest program — and your physique — with exercises that pull your shoulders back, like cable pull-ups. Last pro tip? “Don’t start out ‘kyphotic’ chest, which basically means with your shoulders rounded forward, because you’re going to end up with conflict.”

These days I practice Distinct performancesa functioning mirrorless fitness center in Teesside, North East England, where my trainer Callum Campbell sometimes stands above me while I press on the floor – like a bench press but on the floor. But what really engages – read: hammers – my stubborn pecs are doing burpees (so many burpees). The promise of Chris Hemsworth-esque bigger chest is almost enough to make me want to do burpees.


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