HIIT4FIT in Midland is ready for the New Year!

MIDLAND, TX (KOSA) – “It’s like double. It’s the members who haven’t been in a while, then the people who want to start who maybe haven’t been here,” said Ashley Henry, responsible for the HIIT and strength program at HIIT4FIT.

HIIT4FIT is a gym in Midland that offers different forms of interval training ranging from HIIT classes, strength, cycling and even hot yoga. This time of year, gyms typically see membership numbers increase, thanks to the centuries-old tradition of New Year’s resolutions.

“There are people who do Jan 1 and are ready to go and then there are people who take three weeks to find the courage to show up,” Henry said.

Whether you start on the first day of the New Year or later in 2022, Henry said they’re always up for it.

“We have a very high standard in our coaches to always come forward and ‘be sure’ to be kind of welcoming, encouraging and motivating,” said Henry.

Henry said the pandemic made things difficult last year, but it became a blessing in disguise.

“I think it was difficult, but it allowed us to come together as a team, the coaches exchanging ideas about each other and then the community was huge. I think across town, not just for our gym, but the fitness industry was really supported by their members and we were definitely supported, ”said Henry.

Henry said they are excited for the New Year and to grow their community even more.

“The health and fitness industry is what keeps people alive and moving at their best. I think it’s our job to just introduce ourselves, ”said Henry.

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