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A national chain of fitness centers with locations in State College, Williamsport, Bloomsburg and Sunbury wants students to stay in shape all summer long. How? By offering free memberships.

Planet Fitness invites high school students aged 14 to 19 to train for free from May 16 to August 31 as part of the High School Summer Pass initiative.

High School Summer Pass was officially known as the Teen Summer Challenge, which was the first program of its kind launched in 2019 and has seen over 900,000 teens sign up and complete over 5.5 million workouts over three months and half. period, depending on the company.

From today, high school students can visit PlanetFitness.com/SummerPass to pre-register and receive a reminder to officially register when the program officially begins on Monday, May 16. Teens under 18 must register with a parent or guardian online or in the club

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Network Open, less than 15% of teens met the daily physical activity recommendation of 60 minutes during the pandemic.

A national study commissioned by Planet Fitness found that 93% of American teens want to to stay healthy and active during the summer months, but many lack the motivation or access to do so. High School Summer Pass offers a solution for teens wanting to stay active when school sports programs, gym classes, and extracurricular activities end.

“As a leader in fitness, we believe we have a responsibility to provide a welcoming, safe, and non-judgmental environment for high school students to enhance their physical and mental well-being, especially given the challenges they face. faced and continue to face in the aftermath of the pandemic,” said Chris Rondeau, CEO of Planet Fitness.

“Our study found that almost all high school students (92%) agreed that when they are regularly physically active, they feel much better mentally. Fitness is also about feeling good, and we hope the High School Summer Pass empowers teens to create lifelong workout habits to help them succeed in all aspects of their lives,” Rondeau said.

To further motivate high school students to make fitness a priority, all participants who register beginning May 16 are automatically entered into The Planet Fitness High School Summer Pass Sweepstakes, awarding a $500 scholarship in each state ( and the District of Columbia), and a large $5,000 scholarship at the end of the summer.

Depending on the company, these scholarships can be used for academic or athletic activities or programs

To find out how high school students view health and fitness today, Planet Fitness commissioned a national study in partnership with Material to shed light on mental and physical health from the perspective of teens and parents.

Although negatively affected by the pandemic, adolescents are ready to commit to being healthy, both physically and mentally, according to the study results.

Key findings include:

Fitness for victory

Although three in five teens (60%) say their usual health and fitness routines have been severely disrupted in the past two years, almost all (89%) of their parents feel that exercise and physical activity regularly help their teens cope with life’s challenges. pandemic. And almost all (92%) teens agree that when they are regularly physically active, they feel much better mentally.

Although many teens make exercise and fitness a priority in their lives (65%), there are significant barriers to this. Seventy-eight percent of teens note that simply having access to a place to workout and being able to workout with friends (72%) would benefit their health and fitness journey.

According to the study, a majority of teens who exercise also agree that physical fitness makes them feel healthier (61%), stronger (57%) and happier (50%). It also offers the significant health benefits of more energy (69%), increased strength (64%) and stress relief (61%).

Mental health at the center of attention

Almost half (48%) of teens admit to experiencing mental health issues for the first time during the pandemic. And more than half (51%) say they currently struggle with anxiety, according to the study.

Parents are extremely concerned about the impact of the past two years on the mental health (71%), overall health (66%) and fitness (60%) of their teens. And 71% are also concerned about their high school student’s academic progress and preparation for college.

That said, more than four in five teens say they’re hopeful about what’s to come in the future (85%) and that the pandemic has shown them how strong they really are (82%), according to the study.

Let’s talk

Parents overwhelmingly spoke more regularly to their teens over the past two years about topics such as self-esteem and confidence (92%), exercise and training (88%) and mental health (82 %). The majority of teens today also say they are now more open and communicative about their feelings (79%).

Screen time, more time

A majority of parents (55%) also report that the time their teens spend on social media has increased since the start of the pandemic. In fact, many parents believe that their teens spend more time sedentary than active. Fifty-four percent noted that their teens are texting more today, 52% have seen an increase in video games, and 50% of parents say their teen is spending more time watching TV.

According to the study, more teenagers agree that they spend too much time in front of screens than they did just before the pandemic (61% in 2022 compared to 52% in 2020).

According to the company, High School Summer Pass participants will have access to Planet Fitness’ free, in-house certified trainers and 15 trainer-led workout videos and 10 downloadable workouts – including cardio, strength, toning and training circuits. sport – only for high school students (all physical levels combined), available on their application, PlanetFitness.com/SummerPassfrom May 16.

Enhanced COVID-19 safety and sanitization protocols include:

  • Contactless check-in via the free Planet Fitness app – available to all High School Summer Pass participants
  • A Crowd Meter on the Planet Fitness app that allows members to check club capacity in real time before they even leave home
  • Increased disinfection to continuously clean and disinfect high-touch areas, with cleaning stations available to members
  • Mask policies in line with local guidelines

To visit PlanetFitness.com/SummerPass for more information and to register.

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