Fitness Center: Smooth Safe Zone process, customers are happy to be back

“Finally” is what some gym members may experience when they return to their local fitness centers.

So far, the new Safe Zone policy has gone smoothly for the members and staff of the Maraval Fitness Center.

Director Rana Ibrahim said Loop news that on the first day of the new safe zone system, there were quite a few members and the process went smoothly.

“We are really grateful to be allowed to reopen; I know safe zones are a hot topic right now, but we’re just so grateful to operate. It has been five months since we last opened and if you count the time before the first lockdown it would add up to over a year in total that we would have been closed.

She said customers are happy to comply with the new safety vaccination card policy and have had no issues so far.

“We are happy to see our members come back. We’ve had a great start so far today, I was shocked to see so many of our vaccinated members come out. They are very happy to be back.

Members are required to show their IDs, vaccination cards and gym membership cards upon entry – Ibrahim said they were unsure whether the health ministry would allow photocopies or copies digital vaccination card. For now, members are required to show their originals. .

“We prefer that they walk with their original vaccination records as directed; we’re sticking to that for now until we get further clarification and members have no problem showing it.

She said they haven’t had any problems so far.

“We haven’t had any negative comments, I think people are so happy to find some kind of normalcy.”

She said members are recommended to book their classes in advance, as the gym always maintains 50% occupancy as per health rules.

“All of our classes are physically distanced and we also encourage more outdoor classes because we have the space for that. We already have a huge demand for courses.

Today marks the first day of the government’s “safe zone” policy which includes the reopening of gymnasiums, fitness centers, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, water parks, betting pools and restaurants. casinos to fully vaccinated customers.

By virtue of the regulations, from October 11, fully vaccinated persons over 12 years of age will be allowed to enter these establishments on presentation of “a valid vaccination record or a copy thereof and a identity document at the point of entry ”.

Plans for digital vaccination cards are also underway.

Customers will still need to wear face masks at the entrance, and the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) said only fully vaccinated police officers will patrol the safe areas.

Only unvaccinated employees with a medical exemption certificate or a medical exclusion certificate issued only by a doctor can access the security zones.

Businesses that violate the regulations face a fine of $ 25,000, while unvaccinated people found in safe areas can be fined $ 5,000.

For the detailed rules, see here:

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