Fitness Center Closes Mansfield Location | Local news

MANSFIELD – Patrons of a local fitness center are going to have to go a step further for their workouts.

NRG Energy Lab’s The Mansfield Crossing location informed members by email that the gymnasium is closing permanently as of Wednesday.

The advice surprised some members. “I’m going to miss the place,” Attleboro’s Jack Coyle told The Sun Chronicle. “I hope someone will go over there and be okay with it.”

Titus Jackson, 57, of Mansfield had not been notified of the gym’s closure before heading to the School Street site on Thursday afternoon, expecting it to be open. “I don’t know what’s going on,” he said.

Jackson, from Los Angeles, said he had been a member of NRG for about a year. “They didn’t tell me anything,” he said, adding that he was going to look for another gym.

Coyle, 63, agreed. Although he’s a member of another gym, “I’m going to need a home away from home. I don’t know what to do.

For Luther White, president of NRG, the decision to close the club was “heartbreaking”. White, who is also the founder of the company, explained that the club had lost members and many customers said they were just afraid to return to the gym in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. “The economy didn’t work,” White said.

The other two clubs, in Franklin and Milford, remain open. But White said customer memberships at the Mansfield location were canceled along with their fees.

NRG had earlier announced that the 8-year-old School Street location in the former Borders bookstore next to LLBean would be closed on Tuesday for “much needed maintenance,” but would reopen at noon on Thursday.

A copy of this notice was still on the site’s doors Thursday afternoon although the doors were locked and there appeared to be no one inside.

White said that once the company learned the cost of the repairs required for its steam room, laundry room and HVAC system, “we realized we didn’t have the resources to fix them” and took action. decision to close the site.

Coyle, a project manager at Schneider Electric in Foxboro, said he had been a member of the local studio since June. He said he spoke to the site manager as late as Monday and had no idea the gym was closing. But he says he noticed the gym was rarely busy when he worked out in the afternoons and that there were lingering issues with some of the facilities, including the steam room.

He said he received an email notification from NRG on Wednesday attributing the shutdown to “the impact of COVID-19”, rising costs and “member attrition.” The email also cited “mandatory closings,” although state orders shutting down fitness centers were lifted in August.

According to White, the Mansfield site had 2,200 members before the pandemic. This week that number had fallen to 450. He said the company had tried different strategies to keep its members – staying open 24 hours a day, cutting prices – but the Mansfield site “was particularly hard hit. People were afraid to come to the gym.

White confirmed that the member’s lockers had been cleared at the Mansfield site, but that their belongings could be picked up at the company’s Franklin site. He said customers with questions should email [email protected]

“We wish it wasn’t that way,” White said. “Our members (are) among the best. We are proud to have served them over the years.

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