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Esports Performance Academy is partnering with the Center for BrainHealth® to implement a new performance initiative for esports players. A targeted group of EPA clients and students participate in the BrainHealth Project, a research-backed training protocol to improve cognitive performance and strengthen overall brain health. The goal of the collaboration is to see how the brain health metrics of esports players can be affected by these protocols for healthy brain practices, leading to their eventual implementation across the industry. esport.

Few studies currently exist to provide a comprehensive understanding of players’ brain health and ways to maximize performance. More than 95% of the participants in this study have a collegiate, semi-professional or professional experience in esports as a player or coach, which makes this cohort a representative microcosm of the best performing players.

“We aim to change the paradigm of this industry to be proactive and preventative when it comes to player brain health,” said Andrew Cooley, CEO of Esports Performance Academy. “Overtraining leads to stress and burnout, and the brain health science championed by experts at the Center for BrainHealth points to a better way to encourage better performance. “

A comprehensive focus on brain health offers a new approach to vocational training. The BrainHealth Project protocols focus on various components of brain health and fitness that are relevant to esports players – strategic attention (knowing what to focus on and what to take off), reasoning, and problem solving , and innovation (developing new strategies to beat an opponent), among others.

“We bring to this collaboration our extensive experience of working with top performers and people in high stress environments, such as military special operations and first responders,” said Jennifer Zientz, deputy director of programs at the Center for BrainHealth. “By learning and adopting healthy brain strategies and techniques, esports players will be able to function more effectively and continue to improve their cognitive skills well above the average for their peers.”

The Esports Performance Academy focuses on the holistic development of players and its goal is to increase the longevity of professional players in the industry. He implemented the world’s first high performance coach certification for esports, which uses neuroscience to promote the mental and physical health of players. “The groundbreaking work undertaken by the Center for Brainhealth will impact players around the world by providing evidence-based protocols to improve player cognition,” said Andrew Cooley.


The Center for BrainHealth®, part of the University of Texas at Dallas, is a cognitive neuroscience research institute committed to improving, preserving and restoring brain health throughout life. Cutting-edge exploration is quickly translating into practical innovations to improve the way people think, work and live, empowering people of all ages to unlock their brain potential. The translational innovations are based on Advanced Strategic Memory Reasoning (SMART ™) tactics, a proprietary methodology developed and tested by researchers, clinicians and other BrainHealth teams over three decades.


The Esports Performance Academy represents a star team of coaches, players, students and partners seeking to foster excellence in esports. It does so with a focus on holistic growth and development by providing the world’s only high performance holistic coaching certification. It offers standards-based programs and programs that focus on player cognition and brain health, and use neuroscience and data to promote long-term player mental and physical health.

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