Do you like to train at home? Discover these two new programs by Alpha Coach and Cult.Fit

Working out at home was generally considered for new moms or housewives who didn’t have the privilege of taking the time to enroll in a fitness program at a gym. But the pandemic has made a difference for everyone, including fitness enthusiasts and gym rats. Home training regimens were the only solution and the only way forward. With this new practice here to stay at least until the end of the pandemic around the world, many fitness companies are offering their programs on your tablets, smartphones and laptops. We call it the era of home gyms, when your living rooms, terraces and gardens are transformed into workout spaces. You don’t have to be a celebrity to set up all the paraphernalia of a gym, all you need is a little space, a few basics like a yoga mat, dumbbells and maybe a jump rope.

Fitness apps like and the all-new Alpha Coach go out of their way to deliver unique workout routines, keeping the demands of beginners and seasoned fitness addicts in mind. We chat with fitness experts Shwetambari Shetty of and Ketan Mavinkurve, who founded Alpha Coach, the benefits of working out at home and the safety of exercising without being supervised by a fitness expert or a professional. coach.

Gyms have opened their doors now, but what prompted you to start online fitness programs?
Ketan: Traditional fitness spaces have seen a 25-30% reduction in attendance over the past 18 months. But he’s also seen a number of people who have made up their minds to take fitness seriously. Overall, gyms will continue to do well if we don’t have more variations and blocks. However, we have decided to launch Alpha Coach in 2020 because an online program is completely free from obstacles such as blockages and the need for equipment. As a result, it’s perfect for busy people who want to start getting more active, but aren’t able to find the right advice, structure, and systems to get started. As part of the program, users will have access to personalized diets and meal plans, a personalized exercise program, and access to their respective trainer.
Shwetambari: We have a large number of clients who continue to train at home. Many prefer this format now because of its convenience and economic benefits, while some still don’t want to go to gyms. Additionally, online programs like these allow us to reach people who want to work out with us but may not have a gym nearby. For others who are looking for fat loss programs and programs that can help them engage and build consistency, we have plans like the 4 Week Choose to Lose Program.

Shwetambari Shetty

What kind of research is done before designing these programs?
Shwetambari: We take a 360-degree approach to thoughtfully developing a program that is totally achievable regardless of your fitness level and that is sure to have positive payoffs for everyone who signs up. The program has a holistic approach. Fat loss is not something you can achieve by just exercising. Various factors are taken into account to ensure that people get a complete guide to losing fat in a healthy and sustainable way. For example, in the Choose to Lose program, we look at nutrition, sleep, movement, and exercise as parameters. Our exercise program is designed to offer several workout options like dancing or regular cardio workouts and yoga.
Ketan: We conducted research involving over 250 respondents to understand their fitness needs and wants and the issues they faced with most other online fitness solutions. This was done to understand the demands of people and the challenges they faced. We look at people’s habits with a holistic approach to ensure better physical health, rather than just focusing on before / after transformations.

Are these programs suitable for beginners as well? Or are they those who are already physically active?
Shwetambari: Our programs are designed separately for beginners and intermediate participants, and we’ve made sure to include variations.
Ketan: Our programs are aimed at employed people between the ages of 25 and 50. We focus on this age group as these are consumers who have actively attended the gym, paying for personal training and looking to be healthier, especially now after the recent Covid pandemic. These are usually people with busy lifestyles and minimal downtime, but still want to find ways to get more active and eat better – we can help them!

Ketan Mavinkurve
Ketan Mavinkurve

In a gym, a fitness trainer monitors fitness, so how will this be monitored during home workouts?
Ketan: Gym trainers only monitor the form and are typically not able to help clients with anything else including nutrition, tracking progress, travel assistance, or clients with navigating during events such as holidays or weddings. Gym trainers end up playing a myopic role in this direction. In contrast, online fitness helps people find the optimal path to their fitness goals. Imagine going on a trip to a place you have never been to before – do you have a Mumbai guide? Or rely on Google Maps? This is what we do – we provide the roadmap and help them move towards their goals. For the exercise form, we start clients with a basic movement – each exercise is demonstrated directly in the app itself (these are videos we shot ourselves). In addition, our coaches ask clients to send form videos to them on the app’s instant messaging, so that they provide objective review and information about their workout form.
Shwetambari: All exercises are enlarged and reduced and explained in detail with proper ventilation of the movements. Injuries usually occur when the form is incorrect and the trainer’s instructions are not followed 100%. If the scale options are used and the instructions are followed, the risk of injury is greatly reduced. Other causes of injury can be pre-existing joint pain, low levels of vitamin D, calcium, etc. These people even get injured in offline gyms with a trainer. Therefore, they should focus more on paying attention to trainer advice and how slow they are – which we reiterate throughout each session. We also run interactive live sessions twice a week to be able to communicate with the member and coach them further.

In recent times we have seen how even healthy and fit people have not been able to avoid certain health problems and even death in a few cases … So what do you think of this?
Ketan: Yes, it is very unfortunate and sad to see such young people suffering from diseases and ailments related to lifestyle. To have some answer to this question would require more information and context of each case, but it is true that lifestyle plays a big role. However, it is also a well-known fact that healthier people have a much better chance of longevity than those who are obese, underweight, are largely inactive, or those who make poor health choices. life in nutrition and training. .
Shwetambari: Being proactive about your health is the main way to stay ahead of certain conditions that may be preventable. Health markers and parameters should be checked regularly. It’s not just about exercise. Food, sleep, stress, all play a role in defining one’s state of health. To maintain good health, it is necessary to monitor both the inside of the body and the outside. Therefore, through programs like this and the ones we have recently launched, we are motivating people to take control and be proactive about their own well-being.

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