Distance of 4 meters, no water fountains among the guidelines of the alert level system on the reopening of gymnasiums, fitness studios

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, October 5) – The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (DTI) has issued guidelines on reopening gyms and other fitness studios under the new alert level system.

Here are the highlights of the rules released on Monday:

1. Establish a health screening zone at the point (s) of entry.

Establishments falling under alert level 4 can only open to fully vaccinated people who have no coronavirus-like symptoms. They must also present their COVID-19 vaccination record.

2. Apply a physical distance of four meters between people inside the gymnasium and ensure that face masks are worn at all times.

3. Prohibit the use of water fountains, with the exception of contactless bottle charging stations

4. Prohibit the conduct of group activities

5. Ensure adequate air renewal in confined spaces by implementing the strategies mentioned in the order 224-21

6. Provide one of the following sanitary facilities or supplies:

– hand washing station with adequate and safe water supply

– soap and water or 70% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol

– hands-free trash cans, soap and towel dispensers, door openers and other similar equipment

6. Put up visual cues or signs indicating how to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

7. Set up plastic barriers or similar equipment separating workers from customers

8. Provide personal protective equipment to all employees.

9. Disinfect the premises in accordance with the Department of Health memo n ° 2020-0157

10. Have a facility for proper management of personal protective equipment and other infectious waste

11. Designate a health security officer who will ensure compliance with protocols at all times. Failure to meet capacity limits or sanitary standards will serve as a ground for closure until commercial establishment owners rectify the violation, the DTI said.

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Currently, Metro Manila is the only region under the alert level system. It is under Alert Level 4 until October 15. Under Alert Level 4, gymnasiums and fitness studios are allowed to open at 20% of their capacity.

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