Crescent Court Hotel Dallas Presents Wellness Coaches For Your Fitness Plan

While eating a big meal is probably # 1 for almost everyone right now, finding ways to be more active after Thanksgiving is probably # 2.

But who said getting in shape has to be a chore? Crescent Court Hotel presents “Crescent Coaches,” a new approach to a healthy lifestyle that encompasses exercise and better nutrition, and is available to hotel guests and members.

Plan a wellness getaway at the chic Uptown hotel and you’ll have 24-hour access to the state-of-the-art fitness center, with the option to receive a personal workout from your coach.

Head to the Crescent’s luxurious spa, and not only can you take free yoga and barre classes, but also consult a nutrition specialist for healthier eating habits.

Of course, you can’t neglect the swimming pool, which is on a terrace on the second floor and maintained at a relaxing temperature of 85 degrees all year round.

The hotel is also now offering an overnight wellness package that includes an in-room Pelton bike, spa credit, free cryotherapy session, and more.

Need to know more about cryotherapy and its benefits? You can relax in temperatures of -220 ° and speed up recovery in just three minutes, resulting in better circulation, reduced inflammation and a greater range of motion.

Plus, the property is less than a mile from the Katy Trail, Dallas’ most popular running trail.

In 2018, the Crescent Court Hotel completed a $ 30 million reimagining that restored it to its original glory as a Lone Star monument.

Dallas-based interior design firm Michelle Meredith & Associates led the redesign of the 22,000 square foot spa and fitness center, which now includes new TechnoGym equipment, 16 treatment rooms, a dry sauna and a hot tub with hot and cold tub.

Start your new fitness journey and grow strong and lean in style – it sounds so much more exciting than a few crunches.

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