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FAIRMONT – The Community Center Advisory Board has set the overall cost estimate for the proposed community center at $ 30 million, with construction starting in the spring of 2023 during its Wednesday afternoon meeting at Fairmont Town Hall .

Advisory board members include Brandon Edmundson, Michael Edman, Kyle Gustafson and Lisa Kuhl. The board liaison officers are Randy Lubenow and Michelle Miller, and Mat Mahoney is the Fairmont School District liaison officer. City Administrator Cathy Reynolds is the City Staff Representative.

It was the second time that the council had met. It will meet on the second Wednesday of each month.

Reynolds provided board members with a draft Request for Proposal (RFP) for construction manager services, which included the timeline and timeline of events.

As it stands, fundraising will continue until 2024. The final development of the concept and phasing plan would take place between November of this year and February 2022. Construction documents will be prepared between September and December 2022.

“We would go out to tender in late 2022, early 2023, and get all the contracts in place and construction would start once the land was ready around April (2023),” said Reynolds.

“All of this will be subject to change by the ultimate construction manager”, Edmundson pointed out.

Reynolds said she believes the final concept and development of the implementation plan may be outdated after February 2022.

“I think there are a lot of things in the fundraising bucket that will have a lot to do with it,” she said.

Last month, the project received a big boost in the form of $ 4.5 million in private funding from the Mayo Clinic Health System in Fairmont, the Rosen family, and the Krahmer family. The Town of Fairmont has committed $ 14 million for construction.

As to the estimate of the total cost of the project, the board members were reluctant to include figures in the RFP.

Some marketing materials have been distributed to the community which include a potential design that includes an indoor pool, sports complex, community halls, fitness center and ice rink operated by the Fairmont Hockey Association. With these features, the cost estimate is around $ 36 million.

“I think it’s a bit of a wish list deal”, Edmundson said.

He said he believes the goal should be closer to $ 30 million and stressed that the council’s job is to take what they all want and turn it into something they can afford. .

“That’s why I’m talking about designing it and then we design it down,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds said she would modify the project to include a project cost of $ 30 million, but said the most important thing was for the auction to begin in January 2023.

The plan is to issue the RFP on September 14, to have questions from the board later this month, and to have answers to questions due in early October. RFP submissions would be due around October 11.

Reynolds told the board he is expected to schedule talks with potential construction managers somewhere between October 21 and October 25.

“We will establish a score sheet and you will generally evaluate them based on their experience with similar projects, deadlines and costs” said Reynolds.

Edmundson asked how long it would take after a construction manager was selected for a fundraising goal to be set.

“That’s a great question for the construction managers we interview. It’s hard to say,” Edman said.

“We will have to involve the architect to obtain the design and obtain the fundraising figures”, said Reynolds.

Edmundson said the fundraising committee will have to move forward with the goal they have in mind of being $ 30 million, $ 36 million or whatever, as the final cost will only be known. once the final design is complete.

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