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SANTA CLARA, California – Santa Claus Town is delighted to announce that Reed & Grant Sports Park has received the Silicon Valley Section Project of the Year award from the American Public Works Association (APWA) in the Environment / Senior Parks category to $ 25 million.

The Reed & Grant Sports Park is a 9.75 acre park located on the southwest corner of the intersection of Reed and Grant Street in Santa Clara. The complex consists of five lighted sports fields, four artificial turf fields and one natural grass field, which can be developed in several regulation size configurations, a 3,500 square foot multi-use building for recreation and recreation. activities, a concession stand, restrooms, on-site parking and playground.

“The Reed & Grant Sports Park is an extraordinary project that exemplifies City Council’s goal of improving community sports and recreational activities to meet the needs of residential growth and build a vibrant and healthy community for residents. current and future, ”added Mayor Lisa M. Gillmor.

Prior to site selection, the City and the PLA held community workshops that included a strong community engagement process to gather feedback on shared desires for programming, location and accessibility.

“The community feedback we received has been invaluable in shaping and guiding what the residents of Santa Clara wanted to include,” said City Manager Deanna J. Santana. “It’s amazing to see industrial land transformed into a vibrant space where the community can come together to bond, exercise, compete and grow. “

This project reflects the mission of “Parks Make Life Better”, providing a venue for soccer, volleyball, special events, recreational activities for youth and adults, and space for children of all ages to enjoy. of all abilities can enjoy an all-inclusive play area.

“The City of Santa Clara has been extremely resourceful in managing this project with the collaboration between Parks and Recreation and Public Works departments for the innovative design and construction of the project,” said James Teixeira, Director of Parks and Hobbies. The City chose a multidisciplinary LPA firm to deal with architecture, landscape architecture and engineering. By partnering with the APL, the City had access to experts who could offer an integrated approach to the design of the sports park.

The Reed & Grant Sports Park is a prime example of sustainable design. All the rainwater circulating in the fields is routed hard to biofiltration ponds on site. Native and water-efficient plants were used throughout the site, and the toilet and irrigation systems use recycled water, reducing the facility’s water consumption by 85%. Four of the five football pitches are constructed of synthetic turf, allowing intensive play for up to 14 hours a day, significantly reducing maintenance and water consumption. The only all-natural grass field is a low-water-consuming Bandera species, reducing water consumption by over 20 percent compared to cool-season grass. Using synthetic turf and reclaimed water for trees and vegetation also reduces overall water consumption. The facility also provides electric vehicle charging stations and solar panels to generate electricity, making the facility environmentally sustainable and reducing operating and maintenance costs. The roof of the multipurpose building houses photovoltaic panels that can harvest around 40kW of power, which is enough to run the entire multipurpose building, exterior sports lighting and maintenance building, with excess power for Silicon Valley. Power. The facility complements the adjacent Raymond G. Gamma dog park, providing additional recreational opportunities close to the city’s urban core.

Reed & Grant Sports Park is currently open for scheduled lessons, licensed activities, use of playgrounds and walk-in games. Learn more at

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