Central California veteran opens gym in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — The ropes are moving at Swole Fitness as customers focus on getting a full-body workout at one of the newest gyms in the Valley.

“It’s very important to get people healthy. We don’t want to wait for the doctor’s appointment that tells us we have to be. So if we’re here and we’re healthy, and that we’re fit. We can be more productive for our families, our workplace and our communities,” said Randy Hannah.

Hannah is the owner of Swole Fitness, which means “strong without limits every day”.

“So does that mean we have a client who is looking to lose weight, we have young athletes who are looking to improve their performance, if we have guys who of course want to get Swole and be a bit bigger and gain some size. Our goal is to help the customer push where they couldn’t push themselves,” Hannah said.

The valley native just held his grand opening for Fresno Central Enterprise.

Hannah has always enjoyed exercise and served in the military after graduation.

“The military is about selfless service, and that’s what I continue here through Swole Fitness,” Hannah said.
For years he was a personal trainer all over Fresno, but decided to go out on his own.

He says opening a black-owned business came with challenges, but his mental toughness and passion helped him persevere.

“Just being from where you are and letting the environment dictate who you can become. I think overcoming that has been the biggest part, but when you do what you love and follow your heart , it wasn’t hard at all,” Hannah mentioned.

A valley veteran who exercised faith to pursue his fitness dreams, with the support of his family along the way.

Swole Fitness serves clients ten years and older.

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