Best workout equipment to set up a home gym

January 16, 2022, 4:45 PM | Updated: January 16, 2022, 5:31 PM

All you need are a few kit items to get your home gym running.

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The coronavirus pandemic has sparked new interest in sweating it out at home — and it looks like it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

If one of your 2022 resolutions was to overhaul your lifestyle and improve your fitness, then you’re not alone.

But sometimes family and work obligations can make it difficult to get to the gym, so having some home gym equipment can help you stay on track and keep your momentum going, or just pack a little punch. virtual workouts.

If you have the space, you might even have reserved a spare room or an unused corner to make it your home gym.

Got more space? and experts from Garage Gym Reviews shared some great tips for setting up your garage as a designated exercise space.

  1. Lay your flooring before your gear, especially if you’re bringing large pieces of kit.
  2. Store as much equipment on the wall as possible – racks for barbell guns, storage of plates screwed into wooden studs, resistance bands and chain racks, etc.
  3. Buy cheap gear, but do your research. Check second-hand markets to find the best deals near you.
  4. Get a good sound system. An Echo Dot connected to powerful speakers means you can pause or change music with your own voice – so you can control the music during your workouts!
  5. Invest in a mini fridge so cold protein shakes and drinks are always available.

But it doesn’t matter if you have a nook, bedroom, garage, or shed, these weights, bands, and gym kit will help you stay on top of your fitness and exercise goals.

Neoprene Dumbbells

Choose dumbbells of different weights

Choose dumbbells of different weights.

Photo: Amazon / Alamy

The hexagonal shape makes them easy to store and stack anywhere.

The anti-roll design and hexagonal shaped edges won’t let them roll or damage the floor if you accidentally drop them.

Buy now: Amazon, prices start at £9.99

Conveyor belt

This treadmill folds up to save space

This treadmill folds up to save space.

Photo: Decathlon / Alamy

the RUN100E CONNECTED brings everything you need to your feet – ideal for keeping running despite gloomy mornings and evenings and cool, wet weather.

It has a compact foldable design and 30 built-in programs created by a team of trainers.

Buy now: Decathlon, £499.99

Punching bag

The punching bag can be folded up after use

The punching bag can be folded up after use.

Photo: Decathlon / Alamy

This inflatable punching bag is perfect for letting off steam and working on your punching and kicking techniques.

Its setup is simple, with just a few pumps you’ll have your very own punching bag that can be packed away in seconds once you’ve landed your final punch. Folded up, it can be tucked away under any bed or sofa until you’re ready to go for another ride.

Buy now: Decathlon, £59.99

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smart jump rope

Match the jump rope to its application for a detailed analysis

Match the jump rope to its application for a detailed analysis.


The RENPHO is an adjustable digital jump rope that allows you to count your jumps and provide data analysis for indoor and outdoor workouts.

Pairing it with the app means you can measure your jump time, total number of jumps, calories burned and tangles.

It has three smart jump rope modes: (free jump / time countdown / number countdown).

Buy now: Amazon, £16.99


The Leg Master is designed to strengthen and tone the lower body

The Leg Master is designed to strengthen and tone the lower body.

Photo: QVC / Alamy

The Leg Master was designed for mum-of-five Fiona Summer by her husband, after she asked him to find a way to strengthen her pelvic floor muscles.

The resulting “gadget” is now a QVC bestseller, a home exercise machine designed to target your legs, abs, hips, glutes and pelvic floor.

As it was designed for the busy mom, its unique side-swipe motion provides an intense workout that can be done in as little as 60 seconds, with beginners claiming they can barely manage 10 seconds to start!

Buy now: CVQ, £76

The windmills

Enjoy the endorphin rush of a Les Mills class (like Bodypump) from the comfort of your own home by subscribe to a virtual subscription.

But to really feel the full effect, their TOTAL BODY REINVENTION PACK includes everything you need for a course:

  • SMARTBAR (x1)
  • Weight plates 1kg (x2)
  • 2.5 kg weight plates (x2)
  • Weight plates 5kg (x2)
  • MBX MAT™
  • 12 Week Bonus Workout Calendar

Buy now: Les Mills, £560 or £24 per month

Pilates ring, exercise bands, sliding discs

Host a Pilates workout on YouTube and stretch

Do a Pilates workout on YouTube and do some stretching.

Image: Ten Fitness

A Pilates ring (also known as a magic circle) is commonly used in Pilates to add intensity to floor exercises, but is also suitable for other types of stretching and floor work.

Other inexpensive kit items that can have a big impact are resistance loop bands – available in a range of colors that represent their strength, and sliding discs which build core strength and can be used to make the more intense climbers.

Buy now: Ten Boutique, pilates ring, £26; exercise bands £4; sliding discs, £10

QUATTRO speaker

This powerful speaker is perfect for blasting upbeat music

This powerful speaker is perfect for blasting upbeat music.


This powerful Bluetooth speaker packs a lot of bass. Whether you’re working out at home or exercising outdoors, this powerful speaker is a great piece of kit.

Made by Irish audio specialists ONESONIC, it features QUATTRO HD audio and superior bass, packed into a portable and compact Bluetooth speaker.

If you like waking up to loud music, two QUATTROs can be paired, creating a phenomenal surround music listening experience.



Sometimes knowing you have a new piece of kit is all it takes to motivate a workout.

Sometimes knowing you have a new piece of kit is all it takes to motivate a workout.

Photo: LNDR

LNDR’s seamless activewear collection is designed to sculpt and shape.

the Aero Dynamic Sports Bra (above) is super sculpting and seamless, and made from 100% recycled yarns.

It has a high neckline and is knitted in a double layer for coverage and support, making it perfect for intense gym sessions.

See the full range at LNDR

Pomegranate bars

A tasty protein bar can help you get through or recover

A tasty protein bar can help you get through or recover.

Photo: Grenada / Alamy

Pomegranate Protein Bars taste like a chocolate bar, but instead of having no nutritional benefits, they contain 20g of whey protein.

Their new flavor is Peanut Butter and Jelly, joining Salted Chocolate Chip Caramel, White Chocolate Salted Peanut, White Chocolate Cookie, and Fudge.

Buy now:, £2.59 each

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