Anytime Fitness and Performics Mercerbell Challenges Stereotypes in “Any Body, Any Time” Campaign

Anytime Fitness has partnered with Performics Mercerbell to launch its new “Any Body, Anytime” campaign, a celebration of gym inclusivity and a challenge to stereotypical portrayals of gym goers. The campaign includes OOH, TV, digital video, social media, search and web components at scale.

Anytime Fitness has launched a campaign to promote the brand as the most welcoming and inclusive gym for all Australians, regardless of body type, fitness level, ability or background.

The ‘Any body, Any time’ campaign challenges the stereotypical portrayal of gym goers, showcasing a wide range of people with different needs, highlighting the various reasons they work out and when they do it.

Based on the idea that what health looks like is different for everyone and the fact that many consumers are looking for brands that have a social impact, the campaign aims to boost self-confidence, encourage people to embrace their individuality and join the Fitness Community at any time.

Performics Mercerbell (PFXMB) led campaign creation, media strategy, planning and buying; encompassing large-scale OOH, TV, digital video, social media, search, and web components.

Caitlin Bancroft, Marketing Director of Anytime Fitness, said, “From a brand perspective, this is more than just a marketing campaign. Social inclusion is a major determinant of health. It helps everyone feel more connected, valued, and lead healthier lives. Our mission is to lead the fitness industry by championing inclusivity – transforming our culture, environment and member experience. We hope to bring this to life in our latest campaign, going beyond just being a gym and making a real impact on the culture of health and wellness in Australia.

PFXMB President and CEO Jason Tonelli said, “From the brief to the finishing touches on the job, the Anytime Fitness team has shown a true commitment to inclusivity and bravery when it comes to is about changing the face of advertising in the fitness industry. As one of our founding full-service customers, I couldn’t be more proud of our partnership with Anytime and the PFXMB team in staying true to our goal of improving everyday life.

Knowing that there are 4.4 million people in Australia living with a disability, Anytime Fitness has partnered with WeFlex to conduct an accessibility audit to ensure that all of its clubs are designed to accommodate people with disabilities. unique sensory needs and disabilities, including staff education and certification. to train them. Working with Proud2Play, Anytime Fitness is also developing local community outreach and consultation plans to help all of its clubs connect with LGBTQI+ individuals and groups.

Vaughan Townsend, Executive Creative Director at PFXMB, added: “Society puts so much pressure on people to conform to unachievable stereotypes of body beauty. We hope this campaign will give those who feel marginalized a voice and the confidence to believe that anything is possible. And that when it comes to fitness, whoever you are, whatever your identity, whatever your shape, size or background, Anytime Fitness welcomes you.

Paralympic swimmer, Timothy Hodge, said: “I spend a lot of time training as an athlete, but I hardly ever see people who look like me in gyms or in advertisements for gyms. I’m proud to be part of this campaign that breaks stereotypes and celebrates healthy, confident people in their own way.

The Anytime Fitness “Any body, Any time” campaign will run from January to June 2022.

Full agency credits:

Fitness at any time

Nicole Noye – General Manager

Caitlin Bancroft – Director of Marketing

Andrew Pahoff – National Marketing Manager

Rebecca O’Hanlon – Media Manager

Georgie Allen – Brand Manager

Shane Potter – Digital Marketing Manager

Mercerbell performance

Jason Tonelli – President and CEO

Vaughan Townsend – Executive Creative Director

Dave Varney – Creative Director

Jacques Kennedy – Senior Writer

Charlie Done – Production Manager

Brad Bennett – Executive Director of Strategy

Claire Webber – Chief Strategy Officer

James Winchester – UX Manager

Virginia Tong – Group Client Partner

Aisling Fitzpatrick – Group Account Manager

Emma Sheehan – Senior Account Manager

Jessica Silver – Senior Account Manager

Adriana Ivkovic – National Investment Manager

Vidur Bhatia – Account Manager

Vitti Malhotra – Performance Media Manager


Simon Harsent – ​​Director

Johnny Greally – Producer

Simon Ngoo – Editor

The Pool Collective – Production company

Prodigious – Post-production

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