Alpharetta welcomes Mayweather Boxing and Fitness What Now Atlanta

Local entrepreneur and restaurateur Nabeel Punjani to open very first Alpharetta Mayweather Boxing and Fitness Center; this will be the brand’s second step into the Atlanta market. For Punjani, this is his first franchise and he’s pretty excited.

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“What attracted me was how much the health and fitness industry grows year after year, especially the growth of the in-store fitness industry,” Punjani explained at a telephone interview with What Now Atlanta. “It was very tempting to bring him to Alpharetta.”

Mayweather Boxing and Fitness is known for its high intensity group training and aims to provide an authentic experience for those looking to learn from Mayweather’s workout routines. The class-based fitness center offers 45-minute classes during the week, with longer classes scheduled on weekends.

You can find monthly subscriptions as well as prizes per class, so you don’t have to do it all at once if you’re a little boxing scared. That said, we’re sure you’ll want to come back.

“These classes, every week, are based on one of Floyd Mayweather’s unbeaten fights. He’s 50-0 and we’re using one fight in his career as a schedule for each class, ”Punjani explained. “The best thing is that it doesn’t require the students to be experienced in boxing. You can learn the techniques at the center and use the lessons to hone your skills.

Punjani started his career as a restaurateur and currently operates three restaurants between Atlanta and Alpharetta, as well as 6+ tobacco stores.

“It’s really a passion game to tap into the fitness industry and be a part of this journey,” Punjani added. He plans to open at least two more branches over the next year.

Look for a grand opening in mid-February of the Alpharetta location and find Mayweather Boxing and Fitness in line to learn more.

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