Almost 200 apartments are popping up in Hesperia via the Olive Tree project

A passing train rumbled nearby as construction crews continued their work at the new Olive Tree Apartments community in Hesperia.

The first phase of nearly 200 apartments, which look like houses, is in a gated community and is expected to be ready for tenants by early September, property manager Brody Sanchez told the Daily Press on Friday.

“Once Edison (from Southern California) supplies us with electricity, we’ll open our rental office,” Sanchez said. “We started pre-letting by phone in April and have security deposits for the first 40 apartments.”

Sanchez said he has received numerous rental inquiries and has a “long and growing” recall list for apartments between Third Avenue and Hesperia Road, and along Olive Street to the north.

As of Thursday, a small number of residential buildings on the west side of the area appeared to be nearing completion, while others were in various stages of construction.

The Olivier’s website highlights single story apartments with features like central air conditioning and heating, faux wood flooring, quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, and washer connections and dryer.

The teams work in the Olive Tree Apartments community located between Third Avenue and Hesperia Road, just south of Olive Street, in Hesperia.

“We are in a very demanded market for apartments, and due to market fluctuations we are still working on our monthly rental costs,” Sanchez said. “Potential tenants are free to call us for more information.”

After visiting the new Olive Tree community, Michael and Brittney Wheeler told the Daily Press that they would do just that.

“Finding a nice place to rent in a decent neighborhood was quite difficult for us,” said Michael Wheeler, 32, who works as a supermarket manager. “These apartments look like houses and that really appeals to us.

Hesperia Planning Commission documents from May 2017 show that the Olive Tree project has 124 two-bedroom units and 62 three-bedroom units.

Two-bedroom units are 1,106 square feet, while three-bedroom units are 1,275 square feet. Each house has an attached garage for two cars and a fenced yard.

The units that make up the Olive Tree Apartments in Hesperia are in various phases of completion on Thursday July 1, 2021.

The community also has a 2,865 square foot recreation building, a 1,500 square foot fitness center, two swimming pools and a 440 square foot restroom / hut building.

There is also a playground, two outdoor recreation areas, a dog park and a maintenance building.

Another document from the city shows the apartment community connecting to existing water systems. Domestic and fire connections will be made from the proposed eight inch water line on Olive Street.

The developer will also connect to the proposed eight-inch main sewer on Olive Street and Hesperia Road.

The building permits list First Quality Builders as the apartment contractor and Investment Concepts Inc. as the permit applicant. Both are located in the city of Orange.

Daniel Beauchamp, of Irvine, is listed as an architect and Shucri “Chuck” Yaghi, also based in Orange, is the structural engineer, according to the documents.

This developer has already built a 68-unit apartment complex, The Villas of Hesperia, on nearly 6 acres at 8809 C Avenue. This project was approved in October 2002, according to city documents.

Additionally, an extension of The Villas, a 154-unit apartment complex on nearly 17 acres at 8810 C Avenue, was approved in December 2005.

The Olive Tree Apartments project is located at 9175 Third Avenue, directly across from Mesa Grande Elementary School.

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