Algeria Fitness Services Market Outlook to 2025: Ken Research

The report titled “Algeria Fitness Services Market Outlook to 2025F – Driven by Technological Innovations and Inventive Training Approaches as well as the Adoption of a Hybrid Model by Fitness Centers” provides a comprehensive analysis of the fitness industry in Algeria. The report covers various aspects including market size, current penetration, total number of establishments, total number of active members, direct economic impact and indirect economic impact, socio-economic implications, preferences of Consumers and Analysis of Trends, Technological Disruptions, Key Trends and Development, Government Initiatives and COVID Impact. The report concludes with market projections for the future of the industry, including the expected size of the industry by revenue.

Algerian fitness services market

The fitness market in Algeria is an under-penetrated market with one of the lowest penetration rates in the MENA market. Growing awareness of the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle and the adoption of technological innovations for connectivity and inventive training approaches are fueling the growth of the market. The participation of women is increasing as coaches, fitness influencers and entrepreneurs in the fitness industry, thus increasing the number of female members and jobs.

Analyze the direct economic impact of Fitness industry in Algeria

The fitness industry in Algeria has grown considerably in recent years with the arrival of international fitness chains offering flexible and modular subscription methods. It is characterized by a high proportion of part-time jobs with the majority of staff employed on a casual or part-time basis. Mid-sized fitness centers dominate the industry, generating approximately 70.0% of the fitness industry’s business revenue.

Commercial gymnasiums: Right now, most of the fitness brands in the market are positioned in the mid to low segment of the market, targeting the mainstream. Entry of large fitness chains such as Anytime Fitness and ENERGYM offer more attentive and personalized services by focusing on specialized offers to differentiate themselves and strengthen their competitiveness.

Hotels / Resorts: Algeria is only home to a small number of hotels operated by international chains with fitness centers, with options limited to a handful of establishments, even in the capital. A significant number of branded establishments such as Sheraton and Holiday Inn have been opened in urban areas such as Algiers, thus increasing the number of hotel health center establishments.

Schools / Universities: Only 20% to 30% of universities in Algeria have well-equipped gymnasiums on campus or in a hostel for students who aspire to physical well-being, thus promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. It was found that the participation rate of female students in any sport or physical activity was much lower than that of students in Algeria.

Townships / Residential compounds: The Algerian real estate market has seen a proliferation of private real estate developers in recent years seeking to tap the growing upper and middle class demand for mid to high end residential real estate. The closure of public gyms, fitness centers, and clubs since COVID 19 has led to an astonishing demand for residential / community gyms and is by far the highest motivator to join and go to a gym due to social interactions .

Assessment of the indirect economic impact of the fitness industry in Algeria

The fitness market is having a ripple effect on other sectors such as the fitness equipment industry, construction, real estate, clothing and footwear, and technology. Sedentary lifestyles and busy schedules along with the COVID19 epidemic have led to an increase in the number of people working from home to avoid infection, fueling the adoption of home fitness equipment. Fitness equipment, exercise equipment, treadmills and cardio equipment are the best-selling equipment in the Algerian fitness equipment market.

Assessment of the socio-economic implications for the fitness industry in Algeria

The exercise services provided by fitness centers provide preventative health benefits to clients, essentially reducing the incidence of chronic disease attributable to physical inactivity. Assuming that a significant percentage of the population affected by lifestyle-related illnesses visit a fitness center, the estimated savings on the direct health care costs of Algerian fitness centers are high in the country. The largest component of this saving comes from the averted costs of cardiovascular disease in one year, as well as the increased participation in the workforce and the increase in the productivity of the workforce. .

Perspectives and future projections of the Algerian fitness market

The fitness market in Algeria is expected to experience double-digit growth due to the growing interest in all kinds of wellness-related behaviors and lifestyles, accompanied by an acceleration in consumer spending. Offline fitness center market in Algeria health and fitness market is expected to account for majority of revenue share with online fitness market expected to show double digit growth of over 30.0% CAGR in during the planned year.

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