A new 24-hour gym is coming to Lockood Ridge Road

Is a 2022 New Year’s resolution to get in shape gathering dust? If your excuse is that you don’t have time, well, it won’t fly once this new 24-hour Sarasota gym opens.

circle the sun will replace the old YouFit on Lockwood Ridge and is expected to open in September. The new gymnasium is a partnership between Key Fitch, 48, and Claude Antoine, 43, who both previously owned smaller gymnasiums in Bradenton, and have trained and practiced most of their lives. Fitch’s was a women’s gym called Key 2 Life Training; Antoine was called The Sweatbox and focused on personal training. Both will close at the end of the month as Fitch and Antoine transition to the new location.

The 24-hour opening hours are intended to accommodate local hospital workers, students and service industry personnel who do not have regular work hours. Group classes will include cross-training, Brazilian/Latin movements, boxing, and one class will combine yoga, boxing and stretching. There will also be classes for children and seniors.

Fitch’s and Antoine’s old gymnasiums were both smaller, and they bring that “intimate, personalized feeling” to the new 10,000-square-foot space, Fitch says. Both will be on hand to offer the same kind of personalized attention to form. She will focus more on group training, while Antoine will focus more on personal training.

Claude Antoine with a client at The Sweatbox

Two years ago, the couple talked about teaming up to open a gym, but the pandemic got in the way, “and it just wasn’t the right time,” Fitch says. They both took it in stride, training virtually and moving clients to outdoor training camps. Energized by customer success stories, they decided the time was right.

A recently divorced client who completed Fitch’s 12-week program “had a life change,” says Fitch. “She started crying the first time she got to do a burpee. Just seeing that happiness is so gratifying to me.

Antoine helped a retired firefighter who had undergone hip, knee and shoulder replacements regain his strength. After a year of working with him, his wife wrote Antoine a letter thanking him for her husband’s regained independence. “She wrote that he could bathe and dress himself again, and this letter means a lot to me,” says Antoine. Six years later, the two are still training together.

But achieving health goals doesn’t stop with movement. Fitch is also a Certified Sports Nutritionist and brings that expertise to Circle the Sun.

“You eat because you like the taste. But food is fuel, so think strategically — you want to put the best fuel in your body,” she says.

Another point made by Antoine is that the workout you will do is the one that works.

“People get discouraged because maybe they’re not ready for a certain workout and they give up. So try something else,” he says. “Walk if you can’t run. I hate losing people because they’re not having fun.”

While the new location is being worked on, learn more, drink and eat, this Sunday from 2-5 p.m. at The Sweatbox, 5925 17th St. E., Bradenton. circle the sun will be located at 6198 Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota.

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